About OCUA

At OCUA, we love Ultimate, and we want everyone else to love it too! Our goal is to promote the sport of Ultimate in the Ottawa region. We run leagues and tournaments, and operate the world’s first multi-field facility designed specifically for Ultimate. We currently have over 4,000 members, and our summer league is among the largest in the world! Below is a summary of what OCUA offers to its membership:

  • Our Mission: To organize and promote the growth and development of the sport of Ultimate throughout the Ottawa-Carleton region.
  • Our Vision: The Ottawa-Carleton Ultimate Association aspires to be the leading Ultimate organization that supports its members in reaching their desired level of play in a top-quality environment.
  • Our Values: Spirit of the Game  - Community Experience - Opportunities to play, learn, and develop - Fun - Responsible to the membership - Financial Accountability - Fairness in dealing with partners and sponsors - Social and environmental responsibility - Sustainable growth of the Association - Field Stewardship - Paying it Forward
  • Our Slogan: The greatest sport. The Ultimate people.

The Board of Directors and Executive Director created a 3-year Strategic Plan for the period of 2015 to 2018. The three guiding strategic priorities are listed in the venn diagram below.

If you're new to OCUA, check out our guide for new players. Our volunteers really keep the league running, and there are lots of opportunities to get involved if you're interested. OCUA is on the cutting edge of one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and we are dedicated to spreading the word about this phenomenal game. We couldn't do this without our partners, and our board of directors.

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OCUA's History

Ultimate is alive and well in Canada's capital! In fact, Ottawa is currently one of the largest leagues in the world offering programs to players of all ages and skill level. The following chart shows the league’s overall growth since its inception in 1986:

Taken from the total number of league teams per year, we can make a breakdown in terms of team formats. Note the rapid rise in popularity of the coed 4/3 leagues since they were first introduced in 1993, which ultimately lead to the demise of coed 5/2 in 2002.

Distribution of Teams Graph

Even more exciting is the fact that OCUA purchased 100 acres of land near Manotick Station and have developed it into a new permanent field site (UPI) to supplement our other field sites!

In general, OCUA is a not for profit organization whose primary mandate is to organize and promote the growth of the sport of Ultimate in the Ottawa-Carleton region. The association incorporated in 1993 and operates under the provisions of our bylaws that have met Industry Canada’s approval. Information about the league's bylaws, rules, and other policies can be found on the Bylaws and Policies page.

The association is run by a Board of Directors. The board consists of 7 elected members and serves as the primary decision-making body for the organization. The Board of Directors is responsible for employing staff to manage the day to day operations of the association. As of 2014, OCUA has 3 full-time staff positions: an Executive Director and a Program Officer, and a Marketing and Events Coordinator.