Annual General Meeting (AGM)

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The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a meeting of the general membership of OCUA. All members of the association with a valid 2020-2021 Annual Membership are invited to attend.

The AGM will include a brief presentation from the Board of Directors, and is an opportunity for the membership vote on motions brought forward by the Board of Directors (BOD) or general membership, as well as the election of new directors to the BOD.

Details about member motions and proxies are below. If you have any questions about the AGM, please contact the Board Chair at Specific questions about the election of new Board members should be directed to the Chair of the Nominations Committee at

Board Election Bios

For the list of Board of Director candidates (bios to come):

  • Christopher McMahon - bio (elected)
  • Kelly Fulton -  bio (elected)
  • Laura Storey - bio (elected)
  • Luke Krolak - bio (elected)
  • Geoff Solomon - bio
  • Martine Bergeron - bio
  • Tina Tremblay - bio

Member motions

Any member wishing to propose an item for discussion at the meeting may do so by moving that the agenda be amended to include such item.

Proxy voting

Members are allowed to nominate a proxy to vote in their stead. The person holding the proxy must attend the meeting in person, and may hold no more than 5 proxied votes. Members under 16 years of age may not hold proxies; however they can collect and transfer proxies to their parent or guardian.

Members wishing to proxy their vote are required to adhere to this process:

(1) Contact the person you wish to proxy your vote to, in order to ensure that they will be at the meeting so that they may vote in your place.

(2) After confirming that your proxies will be present and are willing to act on your behalf, complete the proxy form. Present the form to your proxy so that she or he may present it at the Annual General Meeting.

2021 Eligibility to Vote

You must be a member in good standing to vote in person or by proxy. This means you’ve paid your OCUA Annual Membership for 2020-2021.

Am I a MEMBER?  Only people who have paid their OCUA 2021 membership fee SEVEN (7) days in advance of the AGM are members and therefore eligible to vote (in person or by proxy). ** updated for 2021 ** 
How do I pay my MEMBERSHIP FEE? You can pay online through your Zuluru account. The fee is $25+ tax and covers you from November 1st to October 31st.  For more info on what your membership gives you, see
How do I know if I’ve paid already?  Log into Zuluru through the OCUA website. In the “My Profile” section (tab on the left), you will see “Recent Registrations”. Your “OCUA Annual Membership 2020-2021” will be listed there if you have paid.