The Galaxy Women's Masters & Grandmasters

NEBULA & SOLSTICE – Women’s Masters and GrandMasters in Ottawa

Nebula and Solstice - affectionately known as “The Galaxy” - are a great group of women who love Ultimate. Our goal is to make sure all players enjoy their time together by working hard and committing to each other. We have busy lives but Nebula and Solstice offer fun, fitness, sweat and spirit!

Our women’s masters program has been growing in numbers and strength every year.  With many Spirit of The Game titles, Canadian Ultimate Championships medals and a great World Masters Ultimate Club Championships 2018 finish this group of Ottawa women shine.

2019 Captains - Nebula:

  • Amanda Bennett
  • Melany Bouchard
  • Natalie Mullin

2019 Captains - Solstice:

  • Clare Gee
  • Karen Kavanagh


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Facebook: Nebula & Solstice
Instagram: @solsticeultimate