Leading into 2014…

As we say goodbye to yet another prosperous year, it is time to reflect on the past and look at what to expect in the new year to come. At the top of our mind is, and always will be, our members. You are the reason why we work so hard, and why we are so passionate about our Association. In a recent survey, you renewed your trust in OCUA. An impressive 94.4% of our members are either highly satisfied with OCUA (54.4%), or somewhat satisfied (40%). This is a big deal to us, and we will do our best to maintain this level of satisfaction.

2013 brought its share of challenges. We were very sad to start the year by saying goodbye to two of our trusted and loyal employees, Teri-Lynne Belanger and Susan Driedger. Our sorrow was eventually replaced with the joy of welcoming Christopher Castonguay and Nevan Sullivan to the organisation. With this fresh blood came lots of new initiatives throughout the year. We ran a mentoring program for new summer teams; we created a rule education program and a Competitive Teams Alliance; we hosted new events like the End of Summer Party, organized pick-up, and the O-Town Throwdown Tournament; and we kept improving our existing services like our various leagues, the Godzilla Championship, and the Playoffs Weekends, to name just a few. We will keep building on these successful initiatives in years to come.

Of course, we also fell down a few times along the way. We think it is essential to reflect on those mistakes in order to learn from them. For instance, trying to create a Sunday night gender-only league didn’t turn out the way we hoped; the winter league registration process give us all a massive headache; and some projects like the Toronto Rush Bus Trip had to be cancelled due to low interest from members.

But let’s look forward to an exciting 2014! On top of always trying to improve our current services, we will be adding new features to our Association. You want the scoop? Here are a few items to get excited about:

  • In early January, we will be migrating to a new league management software. Inspired by Leaguerunner, the Zuluru system will give players a familiar but improved look at their account, their team(s), their schedule, etc. The registration process will become much more accessible, adding the option of paying via credit card directly through your registration; and new features like an integrated Happy TC module will be available through Zuluru.
  • Check out our new Parity Spring League, where statistics will be recorded in order to maintain equal teams throughout the season. This will lead to great matchups and consistently tight games!
  • We will renew our focus on Youth & Junior Leagues, which will help us create an innovative and professional structure to ensure kids achieve their ultimate potential (come discuss this structure with us at our January 28th Youth & Junior Summit).
  • We will host more skills development opportunities for players, including a higher level weekend clinic with top US female player (and former OCUA member), Geneviève Laroche.
  • This year we will celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the No Borders Tournament, and we promise teams an event they won’t forget!

Keep up to date with our many services by logging on our website, liking our Facebook page, or following us on Twitter! You should also take a look at the 2014 Important Dates!

Only one thing is left to say: We wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year! We would love to hear from you in 2014!


Christiane Marceau, Executive Director of OCUA