Christopher Castonguay's Biography

Christopher has been an active member of OCUA since moving to Ottawa in 2004. As Program Officer (2013-2014), Christopher learned, grew, and connected with many of OCUA’s members, partners, and volunteers. Now Executive Director, Christopher brings with him a variety of skills, including a focus on not-for-profit financial management and project management. He is an MBA graduate with a specialization in Sports and Recreation Management from the University of New Brunswick. Christopher has played Ultimate recreationally, competitively, and overseas; volunteered as Tournament Director, League Coordinator, Board Member; and has captained and coached many teams throughout his playing career.

His regular leagues are Summer Wednesday (JoustingDiscoCamels), Thursday (Drunk & Disc-Oriented), Winter Parity League, and Winter Thursday 5v5. Look for the handler sporting the knee brace!