Christopher Castonguay's Biography

Christopher has been an active member of OCUA since moving to Ottawa in 2004. As Program Officer (2013-2014), Christopher learned, grew, and connected with many of OCUA’s members, partners, and volunteers. Now Executive Director, Christopher brings with him a variety of skills, including a focus on not-for-profit financial management and project management. He is an MBA graduate with a specialization in Sports and Recreation Management from the University of New Brunswick. Christopher has played Ultimate recreationally, competitively, and overseas; volunteered as Tournament Director, League Coordinator, Board Member; and has captained and coached many teams throughout his playing career.

He is the current Head Coach for Stella and his regular leagues are Summer Tuesday (Instajack), Wednesday (JoustingDiscoCamels), Thursday (Drunk & Disc-Oriented), Winter Parity League, and Winter Thursday 5x5. Look for the handler sporting the knee brace!