2021-2022 Tournaments

We plan to have tournaments going on all year round. Check out our lineup!

Parity Tournament January 2022 uOttawa Lees Dome

Meet new people, have a great time, and see how your stats stack up to the competition! Players will play along, be coached, and have their stats kept by experienced players from Crank, Ottawa's Elite Mixed Ultimate team.

High School Spring4ward March 2022 uOttawa Lees Dome Indoor 4v4 High School tournament hosted by Carleton Ravens.
High School Indoor Classic April 2022 uOttawa Lees Dome

Indoor 4v4 High School tournament hosted uOttawa GeeGees.

Middle School Cup   UPI A fun way to see other teams from across the city!
High School Cup   UPI End your school year right with the Ottawa High School Cup. Lots of fun, lots of Ultimate!
Youth & Junior
Ultimate Festival #1


UPI A special tournament hosted for Youth and Junior League players! Meet players from other leagues and enjoy some BBQ.
MGM Ultimate Tournament (Masters GrandMasters)   UPI We're pleased to announce a competitive and premium masters-grandmasters tournament with all things you've come to expect for a MGM tournament.
Britannia Beach Ultimate Tournament   Britannia Beach This tournament raises money for charity and is a ton of fun! Coed teams of 5 compete for awesome prizes, and everyone wins by getting to play at least 4 games and getting a fabulous lunch.
Luna Howler
  UPI Join us and play some Ultimate in this hat-tournament at UPI, and stay for an afternoon BBQ. Hang out at our tailgater before we all head down to watch the Ottawa Outlaws play at Carleton University!
No Borders   UPI Now in its 36th year! Join teams from across Canada/US as they play for first place in various divisions in this top-notch tournament now live-streamed with RogersTV!
Crank's Goaltimate Tournament   Lynda Lane Learn from experienced comp players how to play a fun variant called Goaltimate or Goalti for short.
Youth & Junior
Ultimate Festival #2
  UPI A special tournament hosted for Youth and Junior League players to wrap up their summer season. Showcase what you have learned and enjoy BBQ!
Summer League
  UPI Playoffs are a celebration of Summer League. End your season in style with two games (semis and finals), followed by a burger and a drink in the sun with your teammates!
O-Town Throwdown   UPI The fun, one-day recreational event is a tournament for Junior players. This tournament makes teams based on where you live. It's an Ottawa turf battle!
Back to Ultimate
Middle School Tournament


UPI A great way to kickoff your Ultimate school year! Meet teams from across the city. 
Back to Ultimate
High School Tournament
2021 Date TBD UPI Start your school year right with the Back to Ultimate High School Tournament. Lots of fun and lots of Ultimate!
Gee-Gees Holiday Hat Tournament 2021 Date TBD Ben Franklin Dome Have some free time over the holidays? Why not play Ultimate with friends and family, and support your local university team at uOttawa!