Winter Indoor Registration FAQ

To help players with their registration questions, we thought it would be best if we posted the information as a small FAQ all in one page and posted it on the front page of the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does winter registration open?

Parity League:
Wednesday, September 27th @ 10:00pm
All Other Leagues:
Monday, October 2nd @ 10:00pm
Session 2:
Monday, October 23rd @ 10:00pm

2. Why 10:00pm? Will the office be open?

The OCUA office will not be open at 10:00pm to accept in-person registration. The staff chose 10:00pm to maximize the accessiblity so that all players have an equal chance at registering for the league of their choice.

3. I'm not available at 10:00pm, can someone else sign me up?

Each member must register via their own Zuluru account, but payments can be made by other users. For example, a parent may wish to sign in to their child's account, register for the Junior 4v4 Winter League, and then pay using their own credit card.

4. Which leagues do you expect to sell out quickly?

Traditionally, the Wednesday 6v6 Intermediate League and Monday Parity League sell out the night of registration opening. 

5. Will there be a reservation period to give me enough time to input my credit card number?

Each league will have a 48 hour reservation timer. This means that if there are 96 spots available in the league and 96 players sign up in the first minute, those 96 players will have their spot in the league reserved for 48 hours to allow for you to make your payment. This will also allow players to register for multiple leagues and make a single payment. If within 48 hours a player does not confirm their registration with a payment, the 97th player to register will move from "waitlist" to "reserved" and be given the chance to pay.

6. Is there anything I can do to help speed up the registration process?

Other than being ready with your credit card number in hand, if you are a new member you should also check to see whether your waiver is up-to-date. Click here to access your waiver history, where you can update it at any time. If your waiver needs to be signed, you will see something similar to this photo in your account: