2018-2019 Winter Indoor Leagues

New to Winter League This Year!

OCUA is excited to announce a variety of changes to our winter league for the 2018-19 indoor season. Our new league structures will result in an additional 350 spots for players this winter, a league focused on gender equity, and a brand new 6v6 league for Juniors, run by Juniors.



General Indoor Registration - opens Tuesday, October 9th at 10pm
Session 2 Registration* - opens Monday, December 17th at 10pm

*The number of spots for session 2 registration will be determined by how many players sign up for session 1 only

We are sharing this information with you in hopes it helps you plan out your winter activities. We receive a lot of feedback that our members like to hear about changes early, but we are only able to plan our winter offerings once we have all our winter contracts secured. This year, as we worked hard to secure more field time, we were still receiving winter contracts as of mid-September.

OCUA will also be introducing a new membership fee this winter. It will be $15 per player, and a one-time charge will cover you for OCUA’s entire fiscal year, from November 1, 2018 to October 31, 2019. This means, if you pay the one-time membership fee as a winter player, you will be covered as an OCUA member for any summer and fall ultimate you play with our organization. To learn more about the membership fee and a general FAQ, click here. To pay your 2019 membership fee, click here.

Since winter registration can be stressful with limited spots, you will not be required to have a paid membership to register for a league. Starting in session 2, you will need a paid membership fee in order to be placed on any roster as a regular player.

Read below to learn about some of the improvements we are making to your favourite leagues, and pick what nights you want to play.

We are very excited to see our winter leagues grow so much this year. It’s thanks to you, our dedicated members, that these leagues have grown to be such a success. Our capacity for winter leagues has almost doubled in size since 2015. We look forward to seeing you all under the domes.

Adult Leagues

Monday Parity League
Hornet’s Nest Superdome, 80-minute games, game times between 7:00 and 11:20pm

One of OCUA’s most popular winter leagues will be growing this year, and adopting a new format to help achieve better equity on the field. This year, Parity League will be adopting a 3:3 gender ratio to ensure equal participation for men and women. To ensure most people looking to play still get a spot, we will be growing the league from 8 teams to 10 teams for both sessions!

Wednesday 6v6 Recreational-Intermediate
Ben Franklin Dome & Algonquin College, 75-minute games, game times between 6:00 and 11:00pm

Another one of OCUA’s flagship winter offerings, the recreational-intermediate 6v6 league in the west end is doubling in capacity this year, with four more time slots allowing for 8 more teams to play. This all-individual-registrants hat league will now be spread between the Ben Franklin Dome and Algonquin Dome in the west end, and OCUA will look at splitting the league into recreational and intermediate divisions if players express an interest in playing at different levels.

Wednesday 5v5 Recreational
Carleton, 70-minute games, game times between 7:30 and 11:00pm

This sub-on-the-fly variant league will be very similar to last year. Based on member feedback, we will no longer be offering registration for half-teams, and will focus only on registering full teams or individuals.

Wednesday 5v5 Mini-League
Hornet’s Nest Superdome, 60-minute games, game times between 7:00 and 9:00pm
12 weeks only, running February 13 to May 1, registration opens Dec 17

New last year, the 5-on-5 mini-league is designed to mix up players on a regular basis, encourage meeting new people and offer a relaxed environment to play Ultimate. This year, we’ve extended the season to 12 weeks and secured consistent timeslots with games starting at either 7:00pm and or 8:00pm. Registration will open for this league on December 17.

Thursday 5v5 Recreational
Ben Franklin Dome and Algonquin College, 60-minute games, game times between 7:00 and 11:10pm

OCUA is excited to announce the 5-on-5 recreational offering at Ben Franklin Dome is growing to include a second location (Algonquin College Dome) and four more teams. The league will leverage the successful 12-team model used in the Carleton 5-on-5 rec league on Wednesdays, with two 6-team divisions and a chance for top teams to move up a division based on their performance early in the session. Based on member feedback, this league will only provide individual or team registration, no half-team registration option will be available.

Thursday 5v5 Advanced-Intermediate
Hornet’s Nest Superdome, 60-minute games, game times between 6:00 and 11:00pm

This is OCUA’s only designated Advanced-Intermediate winter offering, and last year we had several teams waitlisted to join. As a result, we will be increasing the capacity for team registration, opening up 4 new team spots and getting rid of half-team registration. OCUA will still be offering some individual registration for this league.

Friday 6v6 Recreational
Ben Franklin Dome, 90-minute games, game times between 10:00 and 11:30pm

This league is designed to help OCUA members kick off the weekend and meet new people with a league that prioritizes fun and socializing. Based on positive feedback, we won’t be making any changes to this league this year.

Sunday 6v6 Grand Masters Recreational
Louis Riel Dome, 90-minute games, game times between 7:00 and 11:00pm

This all individual registration league is for any players who qualify as Grand Masters, which is 37 years old for women and 40 years old for men. The league has aged almost as well as the athletes playing it, so we won’t be making changes to it this year.

Sunday Women’s Competitive Development Program
Ben Franklin Dome, 120-minute sessions, sessions run from 8:00 to 10:00pm
8 weeks only, running from March 3 to April 28, registration opens Dec 17

New this year, OCUA will be running sessions specifically designed to help women take their game to the next level. A mixture of drills and scrimmages, this offering is designed to help athletes identifying as women sharpen their toolboxes in advance of their summer seasons. Registration will open for this program on December 17.

OCUA is Growing its Junior Offerings This Year

OCUA is excited to announce it will be growing its leagues developed exclusively for Junior players.

Wednesday u17 Development
Carleton, 90-minute sessions, from 6:00 to 7:30pm, Nov 14 to Apr 3 (17 weeks)

Back by popular demand, this offering gives Juniors a chance to sharpen their skills and compete against their peers with the help of experienced coaches. No changes have been made to this offering this year.

Saturday u17 6v6
University of Ottawa, 60-minute games, games run from 7:00 to 8:00pm, Nov 24 to Apr 13 (18 weeks)

New this year, this league is designed to be run for Juniors, by Juniors. With the option to pay for the whole season (OJ-CUP members will receive 25% off registration) or to drop in as players are available, this league is designed to offer Juniors a chance to play hard and have fun on Saturday nights. All players who register for the full season in this league will receive free registration for the Parity Ultimate Tournament on January 19, where all players stats will be kept and players will get a chance to play with and be coached by high-level Open and Women players.

Sunday u17 4v4
Ben Franklin Dome, 60-minute games, games run from 8:00 to 9:00pm
7 weeks only, running from November 4 to December 16

A chance for Juniors to familiarize themselves with 4v4 ultimate, this league is individual-registration only and runs only for Session 1 of winter. This league is a great, lower-cost option for younger players looking to get a lot of touches on the disc.

Youth League

Saturday u10-u13 Development
Algonquin College, 100-minute sessions, sessions run from 1:20 to 3:00pm, Nov 17 to Apr 13 (18 weeks)

This classic offering for youth focuses on teaching ultimate fundamentals to players of all skill levels through a series of ultimate drills and scrimmages. The players are typically split up by age at the beginning of each session so they can play with and compete against their peers. Due to dome availability, the time slot has shifted from a late morning start time to an afternoon time slot for this year.

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