Our Hall of Fame

The OCUA Hall of Fame is a celebration of the Ultimate community in Ottawa and the National Capital region.

The 2014 Class (details to come after the Captains Meet & Greet)


  • Erin Huck
  • Paul Morrison

The 2013 Class


  • Andrew Lugsdin


  • Ken Lange

The 2012 Class


  • Nikki Clarke (nee Brackstone)


  • David O'Neill

The 2011 Class


  • Chris Sullivan


  • Nick Roberts
  • Mike Hall-Jones

The 2010 Class


  • Peter Knowles


  • Glenda Smith

The 2009 Class


  • Sylvia Weihrer
  • Justine Price


  • Mike Harley

The 2008 Inaugural Class


  • Phil Rodger
  • Jamie Wildgen
  • Steve Oldenburg
  • Shawne Kokelj (nee Clarke)
  • Joanna Quarry (nee McNutt)


  • Marcus Brady
  • Brian Guthrie
  • Craig Fielding
  • Jack Webb
  • Keith Whyte

Special Merit

The 5 original Ottawa League teams:

  • Screaming Yellow Zonkers
  • Bruce & The Usuals
  • Revolution
  • Disc Drive
  • Disc Guys

Members of the Hall are inducted in one or more of the following categories:

  • Player – Former players with a distinguished record of competitive achievement at the levels, with additional consideration given to integrity, sportsmanship and character. Players eligible for induction will be either retired for two or more years from competitive ultimate, or will have reached the age of ten years senior to that of Ultimate Canada Master’s eligibility.
  • Builder – Individuals who have made exceptional contributions that have had a lasting impact and furthered the growth, reputation and character of the sport in areas outside of play.
  • Special Merit – The special merit category is intended to honor those people, organizations, teams, etc. worthy of consideration outside of the above two categories.

To submit nominations during the nomination period (between Summer League playoffs and the end of the calendar year) complete the nomination webform.