OCUA Clinics

Are you new to the league and want to learn more about Ultimate? Or are you looking to improve your Ultimate skills before our Summer Leagues kick off?

Then come out and learn from the best during our Pre-Summer Clinics. They will cover everything from the basics, to rules, to offensive and defensive strategies. The clinics are aimed at all skill levels for players aged 18+! 

All clinics cost $10 each to attend. New members can join for free! If you are a new member, begin the registration below and then email info@ocua.ca to have the fee waved. New members can attend any number of clinics for free!

Player Clinics

Tuesday April 30th 6pm - 8pm Hillcrest High School Rules & Game Basics
Thursday May 2nd 8pm - 10pm Carleton MNP Throwing and Marking
Monday May 6th 6pm - 8pm Carleton Ravens Field Offense
Thursday May 9th 8pm - 10pm Carleton MNP Defence

Coaching Clinics

Monday April 29th 6pm - 8pm Carleton Ravens Field Coaching Clinic #1
Thursday May 2nd 6pm - 8pm Carleton MNP Coaching Clinic #2