Find a Team

At any given time, there are several teams looking for committed or occasional players. To look for teams that are searching for full time players or spares check the Teams Looking For Players forum. Alternately, you can create a post yourself in the Players Looking For Teams forum. Note that you must have an OCUA account and be logged into your account to access the forums.

There are also opportunities for individual players to register alone or with a friend, but these often fill quickly! For current seasonal play information, see the REGISTER ADULT link in the navigation bar above.

Spares List: 

Join the spares list if you wish to provide your contact information to captains that are looking for subs. To join, click on the "join team" button next to the league night and roster designation of your choice and add yourself as a "substitute player".

We also have a Facebook group:

Under 18 years old?

There is no need to find your own summer team if you're a youth or junior player. Just register for one of our Youth & Junior Leagues in the REGISTER YOUTH link in the navigation bar above.

Competitive Ultimate

Ottawa has an amazing variety of nationally recognized competitive club teams. Click here for more infomation.