Board of Directors

OCUA is a not-for-profit organization whose primary mandate is to organize and promote the growth of the sport of Ultimate in the Ottawa-Carleton region. We were incorporated in Canada in 1993, and operate under the provisions of our bylaws.

OCUA's Structure

Up until 1998, each team captain served as a member of the board, but as the league grew, this became far too unwieldy. The board now consists of a far more manageable 7 members, and serves as the primary decision making body for the organization. If you're interested in attending or getting an item on the agenda at one of the monthly board meetings, please email Heather Wallace the Chair of the Board, or Christopher Castonguay the Executive Director. 

Election Process:

The OCUA board is elected annually in April at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Nomination Committee requests nominations each year in March, accepts nominations and if there are more than enough, an election is held at the AGM. If not, the nominated members are acclaimed.

Annual Report:

The Board of Directors produces an annual report that covers what the association has been up to over the past year. Read the 2018 Annual Report!

Meeting Minutes:

Minutes of the OCUA board are available to registered OCUA players. You will be able to download the files only if you are logged in to your OCUA account. Other documents may be added as they are available.

AGM Minutes:

Minutes of the OCUA's annual general meeting are available only to registered OCUA players. You will be able to download the files only if you are logged in.

Financial Statements

View OCUA's financial statements here

Volunteer Liaison

Provide feedback on your experience as an OCUA volunteer - contact the Volunteer Liaison

Current Board of Directors:

  Name & Title Bio Term
Heather Wallace
President Chair
Heather has has evolved from an OCUA sub to a player and now a captain, league coordinator and member of the Board. She now plays competitively with Eclipse and chases plastic throughout the winter with her 4v4 team. Heather runs her own management consultancy by day, and plays frisbee, shoots hoops and cuddles with her dog by night. Spring 2018-Spring 2020
  André Scott
To come! Spring 2019- Spring 2021
Alison Ward
Alison has been a member of OCUA since 2007. Over the last decade, she has played in a variety of leagues at a variety of levels.  She has also been involved off the field as a captain, volunteer, parity stat keeper, and member of the local organizing committee for the 2017 Canadian Ultimate Championships in Ottawa. She works in membership services and administration for three national museums in Ottawa. Spring 2018-Spring 2020
Andrea Proulx

Andréa - aka Proulx - had played Ultimate for over a decade. She's played in the sand for Team Canada, in the snow, on turf and on fields for rec games and National Championships. Off the field, she has been found using her skills as a captain, tournament director, co-founder of Bonne Année 4on4 tournament, sprint coach, director for the provincial ultimate association, and general volunteer for all things Ultimate. During the day, as a naturopathic doctor, she educates and motivates patients to change their health and be amazing!

Spring 2018-
Spring 2020

Brian Perry


to come!

Spring 2019-Spring 2020

Chris Rootham

To come!

Spring 2019- Spring 2021
Venissa de Castro

Venissa was first introduced to Ultimate over 10 years ago and has been a member of OCUA since 2006, joining as a beginner recreational player. Her in-depth contributions to the sport originated by her role as the Marketing Coordinator for the Canadian Ultimate Championships (CUC) hosted by Ottawa in 2011. The following year, Venissa’s involvement increased as she transitioned to the role of Tournament Director (TD) for No Borders for 3 years. Venissa continues to serve our league as Director, first elected in 2015.

Spring 2019-Spring 2021


Current Officers: 

  Name Title
Jessie Robinson Secretary
Jon Champagne Treasurer