Board of Directors

OCUA is a not-for-profit organization whose primary mandate is to organize and promote the growth of the sport of Ultimate in the Ottawa-Carleton region. We were incorporated in Canada in 1993, and operate under the provisions of our bylaws.

OCUA's Structure
Up until 1998, each team captain served as a member of the board, but as the league grew, this became far too unwieldy. The board now consists of a far more manageable 7 members, and serves as the primary decision making body for the organization. If you're interested in attending or getting an item on the agenda at one of the monthly board meetings, please email the Chair of the Board or the Executive Director

Election Process
The OCUA board is elected annually in April at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Nomination Committee requests nominations each year in March, accepts nominations and if there are more than enough, an election is held at the AGM. If not, the nominated members are acclaimed.

Board Bulletin
The Board of Directors produces a bi-annual bulletin that covers what the association has been up to over the past year.  

Meeting Minutes
Minutes of the OCUA board are available to registered OCUA players. You will be able to download the files only if you are logged in to your OCUA account. Other documents may be added as they are available.

AGM Minutes
Minutes of the OCUA's annual general meeting are available only to registered OCUA players. You will be able to download the files only if you are logged in.

Financial Statements
View OCUA's financial statements here

Volunteer Liaison
Provide feedback on your experience as an OCUA volunteer - contact the Volunteer Liaison

Current Board of Directors



A member of the OCUA family since 1990, Karlis has played in numerous leagues and tournaments, and coached Recreational Youth, Competitive Juniors, and Mixed Grand Masters.  As a Board member he supports a strategic foundation of strong, sustainable growth across all levels, nights, ages and genders, especially for younger players. Karlis enjoys working with incredible OCUA community of players, captains and volunteers, and looks forward to continued and future success of the organization.

Where to find him on the field? Thursdays - SOUR | Mixed Grand Masters - Pushing Daisies



Tina was first introduced to Ultimate in her 30's by a friend who invited her to a learn to play clinic and was instantly hooked.  Over the years she has played on many teams recreationally, dipped her toes in the competitive world at 40 and has volunteered as a captain, youth coach, league coordinator and at many OCUA events over the years. As a board member she hopes to bring an eye for safety, inclusion and spirit of the game to the table and do her best to improve and grow the community that she loves so much!

Where to find her on the field? Mondays - Happy Feet | Various Tournaments - Pushing Daisies



Since Emma's first brush with Ultimate in 2015, she has fuelled her Ultimate addiction as much as possible, playing in both rec and competitive leagues over the past few years. She looks forward to bringing her skills, volunteer experience, and leadership to contribute to OCUA's programs, strategic plan, and future directions. She is excited to further interact with the OCUA community and endorse OCUA's core values in this new role. As a director, she looks forward to supporting and advancing the current OCUA programs while creating new opportunities for growth and expansion within the community. In her spare time, she enjoys stand up paddleboarding, biking, and playing with her dog Maya.

Where to find her on the field? Summer: Mondays - Huck Huck Goose | Tuesdays - Syndicate | Wednesdays - Fire Breathing Kitties



Andrea's Ultimate career started while she lived overseas in Dubai, UAE. There, she learned to play and became a board member to the newly created UAU local organization. One of the most exciting experiences was planning, organizing and hosting the 2015 WCBU. Prior to moving to Ottawa in June 2022, she lived in Kelowna, BC where she was an active member of the Ultimate community and held the position of League Coordinator for the KUPS board. Once in Ottawa she was immediately grateful and impressed by the Ottawa Ultimate Community. The opportunities to play Ultimate in Ottawa for any age or level are simply incredible and she looks forward to contributing to the continued growth and development, particularly in the are of Women's Ultimate. 2023-2025


Kelly was introduced to Ultimate when she subbed for a friend's team 15 years ago. She was immediately hooked. Since then, she has played everything from rec to university competitive, both women's and mixed, and plays year round as much as possible. She captains multiple teams and carries a disc wherever she goes. As a Director, she especially wants to support the ongoing league activity while finding ways to re-engage the OCUA community with plans for recovery and growth. She believe that equity, diversity, and inclusion need to be considered in every decision made by the Board. 

Where to find her on the field? Summer: Tuesdays - Syndicate | Wednesdays - Women's League Coordinator | Thursdays - SPUD




Robbie has been playing Ultimate since 2007. He played competitive Ultimate during university, but has been playing rec ever since. He is currently the Director of Finance at Kettlemans Bagel. He earned his CPA, CA designation while working at Ernst & Young back in 2016. In terms of experience on not-for-profit boards, he's been a Director for the Museum of Ontario Archaeology since 2016, and held the role of Treasurer from 2016-2021. He's excited to get involved in the Ottawa Ultimate community and help to grow the game he loves!

Where to find him on the field? On the sidelines for now, but eager to gt back into it!



Maaike has been playing Ultimate since 2009, mostly as a captain of a recreational level team, and more recently with a women's masters team and in the women's leagues. She is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA) with a focus on strategic planning and investment governance. In her spare time, when she's not playing frisbee, you're most likely to find her out walking with her dog or playing recreational softball with friends.

Where to find her on the field? Mondays - Killer Bunnies | Wednesdays - Women's League



Current Officers


Martine was introduce to recreational beach Ultimate in 2010 before becoming an OCUA member in 2018. Currently on maternity leave, she is excited to return to play this summer. UOttawa Senior specialist occupational health and safety, Martine has experience in planning and fundraising, infrastructure and vendor management, safety, risk management, emergency management, governance and program management. She has also held secretary and resource positions for workplace committees from 2015-2022, and served as president, director, and secretary for a condominium board of directors 2018-2021. She's led volunteer teams at the 2017 grey cup and 2015 conference on disaster management. Martine is looking to give back to the sport, share her knowledge and experience, and keep the sport great and accessible to all.