About OCUA

At OCUA, we love Ultimate, and we want everyone else to love it too! Our goal is to promote the sport of Ultimate in the Ottawa region. We run leagues, tournaments, and special events year-round. We also operate the world’s first multi-field facility designed specifically for Ultimate. We have over 4,000 players and our summer league is among the largest in the world! Below is a summary of what OCUA offers to its membership:

  • Our Mission: To organize and promote the growth and development of the sport of Ultimate throughout the Ottawa-Carleton region.
  • Our Vision: The Ottawa-Carleton Ultimate Association aspires to be the leading Ultimate organization that supports its members in reaching their desired level of play in a top-quality environment.
  • Our Values: Spirit of the Game  - Community Experience - Opportunities to play, learn, and develop - Fun - Responsible to the membership - Financial Accountability - Fairness in dealing with partners and sponsors - Social and environmental responsibility - Sustainable growth of the Association - Field Stewardship - Paying it Forward
  • Our Slogan: The greatest sport. The Ultimate people.

The Board of Directors created a short-term Recovery Plan the period of 2021 to help OCUA rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic. The four pillar strategic priorities are listed in the diagram below. All information containted in the Recovery Plan is limited to OCUA members. Distribution is prohibited except with permission of the OCUA Board. Click here to see the full version of OCUA's Recovery Plan (to come).


OCUA's History

The following charts show the league’s overall growth since its inception in 1986. Back then, the league was called OCULT (Ottawa City Ultimate League Thing). It was only in 1993 that the association incorporated as the Ottawa-Carleton Ultimate Association (OCUA). In the mid 2000's, OCUA noticed that its growth had stagnated and that its adult membership was aging and not being replenished. Since then, OCUA has focused its attention on introducing the sport at the youth & junior level and so far it's paying off!





If you have any questions about OCUA, please reach out to staff or the Board of Directors! Click on the Contact us page for more details.