About OCUA

At OCUA, we love Ultimate, and we want everyone else to love it too! Our goal is to promote the sport of Ultimate in the Ottawa region. We run leagues, tournaments, and special events year-round. We also operate the world’s first multi-field facility designed specifically for Ultimate. We have over 4,000 players and our summer league is among the largest in the world! Below is a summary of what OCUA offers to its membership:

Following the most unprecedented times of our lives, OCUA has regrouped and refocused and is set to RAISE the game of Ultimate. The pandemic has significantly curtailed activities, caused us make changes leagues and programs but it has also afforded us the opportunity to become more resilient, innovative, creative and adaptable. In short, it has given OCUA and our members reason to band together, to refine what it means to be a part of this incredible Ultimate community and not only plan to recover but boldly proclaim a path to RAISE the game.

To that, we are proud to present RAISE Your Game: OCUA's 2021-2024 Strategic Plan

This plan reflects OCUA's desire to take Ultimate to the next level in all aspects both on and off the field. By planning more strategically together, looking towards the future while embracing the now, we can set and achieve goals and objectives that are important to our members. This plan sets out an ambitious vision for OCUA over the next three years -- it paves the way for an exciting future where more people of all ages, abilities and lived experiences within our Ottawa community enjoy the inclusion and benefits of playing, coaching and being active that the sport of Ultimate offers. Rooted in our values of Respect, Accountability, Inclusion, Sustainability, and Excellence, we are setting the foundsation to R.A.I.S.E the game through a commitment of greater accountability, investing in our capacity to deliver on promises, communicating proactively to build a greater sense of trust and community. Our hope is the OCUA membership feel as inspired and excited about the future of OCUA and Ultimate in Ottawa as we do after reading this plan, looking towards the future with a sense of increased belonging and a strengthen commitment to the community - both the cornerstones as we RAISE the game.
Our Vision: to be the sport of choice for people of all ages, abilities and lived experiences within our Ottawa community
Our Mission: to coordinate, develop and promote the sport of Ultimate in Ottawa through diverse programming, community outreach and organizational leadership.
Our Values: our core values (R.A.I.S.E.) reflect and shape the culture of our organization and are rooted in the Spirit of the Game. These values underlie the thinking, decisions and actions of OCUA
Our Slogan: The greatest sport. The Ultimate people.


OCUA's History

The following charts show the league’s overall growth since its inception in 1986. Back then, the league was called OCULT (Ottawa City Ultimate League Thing). It was only in 1993 that the association incorporated as the Ottawa-Carleton Ultimate Association (OCUA). In the mid 2000's, OCUA noticed that its growth had stagnated and that its adult membership was aging and not being replenished. Since then, OCUA has focused its attention on introducing the sport at the youth & junior level and so far it's paying off!





If you have any questions about OCUA, please reach out to staff or the Board of Directors! Click on the Contact us page for more details.