Summer League Playoffs

The OCUA Summer League Playoffs will be held on August 29th-30th, 2020. Playoffs are a celebration of Summer League, so end your season in style with two games (semis and finals), followed by a burger and a drink in the sun with your teammates! If you have any questions regarding your teams schedule or the playoff weekend please contact your League Coordinator at or Program Officer at

Whether you want to stick around before or after your game to help, or still have to complete your Comp Alliance hours - we will need lots of volunteers to help out behind the scenes with setup, parking, BBQ, water, score reporting etc. Click here to see all volunteer opportunities by registering and signing in on Better Impact. Or email us at

Saturday August 29, 2020:  Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday coed leagues
Sunday August 30, 2020: Wednesday and Thursday coed leagues

For Quarter-Final Games, teams need to respect the Sunset Cap and end the game at that time regardless of the score or progress of the point. If teams are tied, the team with the higher seed going into quarters will be given the win. Captains are encouraged to dedicate a timekeeper before the game begins to avoid any conflict.


Schedule and results will be updated via a google doc:

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED! Help us make this event a success by giving time to the organization. Register to volunteer here.

Withdraw of playoffs: Teams that wish to withdraw have to notify their league coordinator before August 7th, 2020. For any questions, contact your Program Officer at Failure to tell OCUA staff that your team is withdrawing can lead to your team incurring the $75 default penalty for each missed game.
Playoff eligibility: A player must be registered on a team's roster and have played in (or been present for) four regular season games with their team to qualify for playoffs. No player may register for more than one team on the same night. If a team wishes to use an ineligible player, then they must ask and secure the permission of their opponents first. This, however, does not extend to players who have been suspended for disciplinary reasons.

  1. Captains should ensure that their roster is correct and complete in Zuluru by August 7th, 2020. Any player that meets the four-game minimum requirement for playoff eligibility should be listed on the team roster. To minimize disputes, Captains should ensure that eligible players are fully registered on the team's roster and not in "request to join" status.
  2. Players must have active Zuluru accounts--i.e. have logged in and accepted the player waiver--in order to participate in any OCUA league games, including playoffs. A player whose account is marked as inactive is ineligible to participate in playoff games. NO EXCEPTIONS ARE PERMITTED TO THIS RULE.
  3. Players must be rostered by the Roster Lock deadline, which is August 7th, 2020. After this point, captains will be unable to add new players to their team.
  4. Presence on a team's roster does not automatically convey playoff eligibility: as noted in the rule above, a player must also have been present for four regular season games to be eligible to participate in playoffs.
  5. Playoff eligibility requirements cover quarterfinal matches as well as the weekend playoff tournament.
  6. Players with active accounts who do not meet the established criteria for playoff eligibility may still play in playoff games *with the express permission of the opposing Captain*. Captains wishing to use ineligible players must identify these players to their opposing Captain and request permission for their use.

Parking space is limited at UPI. We can't stress enough how important it is for everyone to carpool to playoffs. With approximately 90 teams competing each day, the UPI parking lot will be stressed to the max. WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PARK ALONG MANOTICK STATION ROAD; CARS PARKING THERE RISK GETTING TOWED!

To encourage carpooling, the following fee scale will be in effect at UPI for 2020:

  • 1 or 2 people = $20
  • 3 people = $5
  • 4+ people = FREE
  • Motorcycles = $5
  • Volunteers park for FREE

Please note that pets will not be included in the occupant count.

Additional (free) parking will be available at St Mark's High School on Saturday only. We recommend teams meet at St Mark's prior to their game and carpool in to UPI. St Mark's parking lot will be in use on Sunday - do not park there or risk being towed!

We recommend using the park and ride at South Keys for Sunday.

In general, the semifinal and final round games will be played under the same rules as any other league game (i.e. following the 11th Edition Rules, with OCUA-specific adjustments). The following additional rules/guidelines will be in place at the tournament:

  • To keep the tournament flowing, games must start on time.
  • Time Cap Rule: When the hard cap horn sounds to end the game, the current point is played out. If tied, one more point is played to determine a winner. A point is considered started as soon as the previous point ends so the game cannot end between points.
  • Teams playing on fields that are used in the next time slot cannot extend their game other than to break a tie.
  • Teams must report game scores to Disc Central promptly after the end of each of their games.

Weather: The OCUA website will be updated during the day to confirm whether or not games are going ahead, in the case of inclement weather.
Disc Central: Disc Central will be located on the rise and will be the one-stop location to have questions answered, to look at the schedules, to buy food and drinks, and to browse merchandise. The Tournament Directors and League Coordinators will always be present at or near Disc Central, should any team need to contact us. Don't forget to bring CASH for parking, BBQ, drinks, and swag!
Food & Drinks: There will be Big Rig beer served along with a BBQ all day long on both weekends. OCUA will be running the BBQ.
Music: All the tunes all the time at Disc Central!
Water: Water will be available at Disc Central and at various water tents located throughout the site. Players are asked to fill in their water bottles at the station, but NOT to take the jugs with them to the fields. Please bring your own water for the day, drinking water will be limited at UPI.
First Aid & Athletic Therapy: There will be a physiotherapist to provide aid for minor injuries and first aid. The 'physio tent' will be just outside of Disc Central.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your League Coordinator at or Program Officer at