OCUA Rules & Policies

  • Ultimate has many different rule variations. OCUA uses USA Ultimate's 'Official Rules of Ultimate' as the standard, and WFDF's gender ratio rule A. Click here to review the specific rules the league follows: Rules
  • When you play Ultimate, you will hear a lot about spirit of the game. It means different things to different people but all Ultimate players will agree that spirit is an important aspect of the game and is essential to ensuring the game works as a self-refereed sport. Spirit of the Game
  • Click here to review the bylaws of the corporation and the set policies run by OCUA: Bylaws and Policies
  • Please fill in this report for any incident (injury, medical, spirit). Your League's Coordinator or OCUA's Executive Director will follow up with you shortly with a reply: Incident Reporting
  • Click here for all relevant & applicable COVID-related information and resources our members may need: COVID Resource Hub