2016 Hall of Fame Class


Alison Flynn (nee Lemay) 

(Year Started: 2000)

Link to YouTube Bio video:


Alison ‘Babyhead’ Flynn: A Leader, Builder & Legacy Handler

Video Transcript comments

“My fondest memories of her always resulted in making the rest of us look good. She simply had the best throws in the game. Her competitive spirit was contagious and had a way to motivating teammates all the time. We’ll raise a glass to you!” (video comment)

She has been a stand up Ultimate player for years now. She is an outstanding handler who is always sought out by teammates when handling is needed.

“On the field she’s got a collection of throws that most can only dream of and her defense on the bail and in zones is so much fun to watch.” (Danielle Fortin)

“You are awesome! You rock Ultimate and I love you sister!” (Joanna “Nutter” Quarry, video comment)

“Ali is an amazing player. If one word could sum up her handling, it’s ‘smooth’. I love her ability to break any mark at will.” (Derek Hodgson)

“Congrats on being inducted into the OCUA Hall of Fame. You deserve more than anyone I can think of. You’re amazing with your I/O unstoppable throws, huge huck, layout grabs, and you have the best attitude a teammate could ask for.” (video comment)

“She had an I/O that could open up the field. This was at a time when the women’s game was pushing the envelope on throwing – and Ali showed us what was possible, and where the spaces were.” (Erin Huck).

“I think one of my favourite things about playing with Ali is that she could have a super competitive game and still be playing with a smile. She’s one of those players you’d always feel super proud to be able say you played with. I know that I’m a better player and better leader because of the time I spent playing with her and being captained by her.”