OCUA's 2020 Timeline

This year has been unlike any other before for OCUA. Like many non-profit sports associations, we did not have a plan to deal with a world pandemic. We relied on the expert advice of Public Health agencies and managed every aspect of the covid pandemic one step at a time. The Board of Directors and OCUA staff planned the necessary steps to ensure that leagues could quickly start up again, while also keeping an eye on the long-term sustainability of the association.

We want to thank all of OCUA's members and volunteers for being so flexible. Without a doubt, this pandemic showed just how resilient this membership can be. Many volunteers were willing to step up to help out when needed.

This page is a quick summary of how OCUA has managed to stay afloat during the pandemic and the steps it took and is taking to ensure the long-term sustainability of the association. This timeline is in no way exhaustive and does not represent a full picture of the many conversations, debates, and collaboration that occurred over the past 5 months.

Friday, March 13 (of all days): OCUA immediately suspends all leagues and events to help limit the spread of a novel coronavirus.

End of March: OCUA cancels remainder of winter indoor season and issues over $100,000 in refunds via Zuluru credit.

Early April: Winter members donate over $8,000 in credit back to OCUA!

End of April: OCUA successfully applies and receives government aid in the form of the emergency bank account ($40,000 loan), 10% Payroll Tax subsidy, 4 months of mortgage deferral, 75% wage subsidy (CEWS), and 75% rent subsidy for 4 months (CECRA). OCUA also negotiates a minimal maintenance package for UPI to ensure the fields don't lie fallow and overgrown. This will ensure UPI fields are useable for the late summer or fall and in 2021. As of August 25, OCUA has saved upwards of $100,000 in costs.

May: OCUA creates a fundraiser program to sell apparel from the office with curbside pick-up. Members successfully fundraised $5,000!

Mid May: After almost 20 years of use, UPI's irrigation pump breaks down and requires a full replacement, along with the underground Z-line.

End of May: With Ontario releasing its covid plan, Ottawa enters Stage 1. OCUA creates a new disc golf course at UPI with help of super volunteer, Geoff Rowland. To-date, the disc golf course has been played over 300 times. The Ultimate Park Electric Flyers are also welcomed back to UPI.

Mid June: With Ottawa entering Stage 2 of Ontario's plan, OCUA develops its Return to Train protocols to start renting out UPI as a social-distant practice field. Pods of 10 slowly start coming back to their favourite private park.

Monday, July 13: Exactly 4 months after full cancellation of leagues and events, Ontario announces Stage 3 of its covid plan. With months of preparation, OCUA writes its Return to Play protocols and within 2 days, registration for the "2nd Half Summer" is up and running! All previous summer fees (~$150,000) are refunded to members via Zuluru credit or cash.

Mid July: Just over 40 teams register for the short 6-week program, along with 260 youth and junior players. OCUA roughly serviced 800 members. Big kudos to the youth convenors and coaches that helped run the summer youth programs!

End of July: After almost 20 years of usage, UPI's deep well pump breaks down too because, why not. UPI's list of extra maintenance includes two fallen trees, several broken irrigation heads, and minor vandalism to the fields and hydro box.

August 10: OCUA's fall league registration opens and members are asked for their thoughts on winter indoor. A new sub on the fly hat league is offered for members that are unable to find a team. As of August 27, we have 40 teams and roughly 700 players signed up for fall; including 110 youth and junior players.

End of August: OCUA schedules its online Annual General Meeting for Tuesday, September 15. At the same time, OCUA starts to book indoor space and close loose ends to finish the fiscal year that is 2020.