OCUA's Air Quality Measures

As you may have seen, there is an air quality warning in place for Ottawa.  For the safety of members, OCUA will be implementing the Ultimate Canada Air Quality Policy for all leagues and programs.

You can find the policy here if you would like to read it in full: Ultimate Canada (canadianultimate.com)

According to the policy we are to use the maximum potential predictions when making decisions for how leagues will proceed.  Each day, OCUA will monitor the Government of Canada's Air Quality index and will make the 'Game Call' by 3pm - the game call will be based on a number of factors including the predicted range of the air quality index, any additional weather alerts (ex. smog advisory) and if there has been prolonged periods of time where air quality index has sat at 10+.  You can see the predictions through the link below.  

Ottawa, Ontario - Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) - Environment Canada (weather.gc.ca) 

During periods of 7 or greater, Leagues, practices and programs will be cancelled.

For Adult Leagues, while in the 4-6 range, games will proceed as planned with the following adjustments:

  • OCUA’s Humidex Advisory modification measures are in place.
    • Each team will be allowed three time-outs per half instead of two. Each time-out can be two minutes in length instead of the usual 70 seconds; and
    • Heat-related/breathing-health-related substitutions will be permitted.
  • Identify an Air Quality monitor for your team. Each team is asked to have at least one person monitor the air quality index periodically during the game. Should the index reach 7, the Air Quality monitor should advise the captain(s) and the game should end immediately.
  • Take needed rest periods. Monitor yourself for signs of laboured breathing or discomfort.

OCUA will be watching the air quality each hour as the night goes on.  Should the conditions change, and our air quality index rises to 7 or above, games will be cancelled immediately.

For OCUA Youth & Junior programs, coaches will be modifying the sessions to reduce practice intensity and including more frequent rest periods. If the index rises to 7 or above, coaches will be notified by OCUA staff and will cancel the session immediately. 

Stay safe OCUA, and please remember Ultimate is a game – listen to your body, if you feel unwell or unsafe it is OK to take a break/miss the game/end the game early.