Art Hawkins Great Canadian Ultimate Game

Join us and more than 30 Canadian communities on Saturday, June 10th for the 2023 Art Hawkins Great Canadian Ultimate Game.
Turn your love for Ultimate into an opportunity to raise funds to support the accessibility and development of Ultimate and Spirit of the Game in Canada with children, youth, and those with a disability, especially in economically disadvantaged communities. The Great Canadian Ultimate Game is one game of Ultimate played by hundreds of players across the country.  The goal is to raise money for the Art Hawkins Fund and increase awareness of the sport and Spirit of the game. Each city or league that takes part divides themselves into two teams - red and white - and plays on the same day, but they may play at any time that works for them, the score for the game will be accumulated throughout the day and posted online. 
Register and Donate
Ultimate Canada is asking that all participants donate a minimum of $10 to the Art Hawkins Fund. Donations can be made online through the linked form here: Art Hawkins Great Canadian Ultimate Game donation form—for any online donations, be sure to state that you are participating with Ottawa-Carleton Ultimate Association (or OCUA) when asked, so that your donation is included in OCUA's fundraising total).  People who register at the $50 donation level or higher will receive a tax receipt from Ultimate Canada.
We’re asking people to register so we can get an idea on numbers – however, if you decide last minute to join us that is ok too! Donations will be accepted on-site by OCUA (cash accepted), which will be forwarded to the Fund. 
Event Information 
  • Saturday, June 10, 2023
  • Game – 4pm - 6pm at UPI – join us for the full two hours or for a few points. 
  • Each participant is asked to bring a Red and White shirt. 
  • People interested in donating to the Art Hawkins Development Fund but do not wish to play in the game can register as a non-participant
  • Post Game Event - Canadian All Star Game featuring Team Canada Women's U24 - 7pm to 9pm at Matt Anthony Field, UOttawa – keep the excitement and love of Ultimate going, head to UOttawa following OCUA’s Art Hawkins event to watch some of the best in the game! Tickets available here.  

About Art Hawkins (from our friends at Vancouver Ultimate League - VUL)
Art Hawkins was an influential and respected member of the VUL community for almost 20 years until his all too early passing in 2010.
Art started playing Ultimate in Vancouver in 1991 and was involved with more VUL teams as a player, coach or captain than can be named. Beyond the VUL, Art represented Canada at the 1999 and 2002 World Ultimate Club Championships and won Gold in the Master's Division at the 2000 Canadian Championships.
During the 2000s Art's involvement with the sport off the field grew substantially. He was a member of the VUL Board of Directors and was named Executive Director of the VUL in 2008. As ED, he was involved in strengthening the league’s clinic and mentoring programs and increasing the focus on junior development.
Art was a strong supporter of charities and created and ran the annual Elimination 8’s tournament, an event that continues to generate funds for local Vancouver charities. He also worked with Ultimate Canada to create the Great Canadian Ultimate Game.
In 2011 Ultimate Canada honoured his memory by naming this day-long game and celebration The Art Hawkins Great Canadian Ultimate Game.