OCUA Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

OCUA is fully committed to improving diversity and inclusivity within our organization.  In support of that, the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force (DITF) was launched last year (March 2020).  As the first action since the 2021 AGM, the newly elected Board unanimously approved the continued support of and proposed plan of action for the DITF at the May 18th meeting.

We recognize there have been concerns of transparency and misunderstanding during the past year since the DITF was established, and the Board is prioritizing doing better.

Progress takes time, courage, effort, and a willingness to try.

You may have noticed the Progress Pride flag on OCUA’s Facebook profile, which we have shared as a symbol of our intention to strive toward equality for all our members.  The DITF and Board will work towards providing a community where no member will feel marginalized, excluded, or unappreciated.

To learn more about the DITF and the commitment of work, please read below.

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION TASK FORCE (DITF) VISION:  To provide an Ultimate league where all members feel they are welcome, safe, respected, and empowered.


Address gender equity concerns by providing recommendations for:

  • Appropriate gender-based terminology for organizational use
  • Organizational policy updates
  • Improving women player recruitment and retention
  • Implementing a gender ratio that provides equitable on-field time and experience

Transition the DITF to a permanent committee dedicated to incorporating equity considerations on a continuous basis.  This committee will make recommendations to ensure diversity and inclusion are considered in the OCUA decision-making process and focus on reducing barriers related to, but not limited to:

  • Gender diversity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Language
  • Neurodiversity
  • Accessibility


  • Clarify and formalize the DITF Terms of Reference, including:
  • Define the Director role and term more clearly
  • Define the member role and term more clearly
  • Determine the process by which the leadership role of the DITF is transferred
  • Provide regular updates of DITF progress to the OCUA membership.
  • Support the DITF in achieving their goals and objectives.

The DITF is fully supported by the Board of Directors. Both groups are committed to transparent communications and engagement with the membership.  The DITF will meet monthly, and the membership will be updated on a regular basis. Members of the OCUA community are encouraged to communicate, share and reach out to the DITF at inclusion@ocua.ca.