Elder Mixed Masters Team

Elder is Ottawa’s new Mixed Masters touring team. To play in the Mixed Masters division players must meet the Ultimate Canada age requirements (30+ women and 33+ men).


Team Vision: Compete at the regional, provincial, and national level as a cohesive team with a strong culture of mutual support, spirit, and skill.


Team Goals

  • To participate at the Canadian Ultimate Championships
  • To provide a sustainable Mixed Masters touring offering for Masters players in the National Capital Region


2020 Team Commitment

  • Weekly practices on Tuesday evenings from mid-May to late-August
  • MGM Tournament in Ottawa (June 6/7, 2020)
  • Ontario Regionals in Waterloo (July 4/5, 2020)
  • Mixed Canadian Ultimate Championships in Laval (August 20-23, 2020)


2020 Team Selection Committee

  • Sarah McDonald, TL;DR and Eclipse
  • Bill Millett, TL;DR and Get Off My Lawn
  • Heather McCabe, Raft and Bytown Flatball Club
  • Tamir Stulberg, IKU (Tokyo) and Fable (Vancouver)


2020 Tryout Information

  • Application Form HERE
  • Registration and Payment HERE

Want to know more? Follow us on Facebook. Still have questions? Send us an e-mail at elderultimate@gmail.com