How To Care For UPI

Ultimate Parks Incorporated, or UPI as friends call it, may just be the most wonderful place on earth… Built in the late 1990’s by a group of visionary ultimate players, UPI is now the home to 500 players a night and well over 1,000 players during tournaments. There is no place like this in the world: lined fields, lush grass, plenty of space to play, have your kids run around and your dog go crazy!

It sadden us to see that despite the best efforts of the majority of us to keep this place clean and safe, there are some that push the limits of what is acceptable… Here are 5 easy tips as to how each of us can individually care for UPI.

1. Park in designated area only

We have a massive parking lot available for your parking needs. No one should park up on the rise, even if it is closer to your game… Only authorised personnel can park up on the rise.

2. Carpool to your game

Despite our massive parking lot, there are nights where the fields are booked at maximum capacity and parking becomes limited. Please carpool. Use the “Carbon flip rule” to start your game: whichever team used the least number of cars to get to UPI wins the game flip!

3. Take your trash home with you

There is no waste removal at UPI. Leaving your trash by the corner of the parking lot won’t make it disappear… Or it might, but that’s only because another generous player will take it home.

4. Clean up after your dog

Well, this is an easy one. All dog lovers like us know they need to clean up after their dog everywhere, everyday. UPI isn’t an exception to the rule.

5. Porta potties are NOT a big garbage bin

Long John porta potties are cleaned once a week. You can image that with the traffic at UPI on any given night they get dirty pretty quickly. No need to add dog waste, diapers, trash to it… Please take your garbage home with you!

Needless to say that these tips are easy and can make a big difference in keeping UPI as clean as it deserves to be! Your cooperation is greatly appreciated by the staff and directors of OCUA and also by your fellow teammates and opponents.

Thank you!

Additions from the forum post. Please let us know if you have any other tips!

6. Obey the speed limit on Manotick Station Rd.

It's very important for us to maintain good relations with the neighbours in that community.