Monday Youth Rec League - West

WELCOME to the perfect summer activity for your children. It's outdoors on green grass in warm weather, what could be better? Register your child(ren) today for any of our Youth & Junior leagues and they'll enjoy a summer of exercise with friends, meet new teammates, and develop themselves physically, mentally, and socially along the way. With weekly games supervised by ttrained and supportive coaches, playing Ultimate is a great way to enjoy a summer evening. As always, we encourage friends to sign-up together. See all your options in the table below.

REGISTRATION links (below) will go live on Friday March 31, and registration will open at 10pm.

Start Date Monday May 15
End Date Monday August 28
Game Times 6:30pm-7:30pm (10U program) and 6:30-8:00pm (13U-17U)
Field Location Ben Franklin
Format All youth & junior programs will follow a 4-week schedule, 3 weeks of practice-based session & 1 game-based session. Practice days consist of 50% instruction (skills & drills) and 50% scrimmages. Game days consist of three 30min games. 

10 and Under (Mixed - ON2 & GN2)
13 and Under (Mixed - ON2 & GN2)
15 and Under (Mixed - ON2 & GN2)
17 and Under (Mixed - ON2 & GN2)

Price Options
  • Registration Only
  • Program Package (includes reversible jersey and a Daredevil Ultimate disc)
Refunds OCUA's Refund Policy is in effect for all Summer 2023 leagues

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Accepted forms of payment: credit card, e-transfer and OCUA credit

Division Location Weeks Price  
10 & Under West 16

$136 (Reg. Only)
$176 (Program Package)

13 & Under West 16 $160 (Reg. Only)
$200 (Program Package)
15 & Under West 16 $160 (Reg. Only)
$200 (Program Package)
17 & Under West 16 $180.80 (Reg. Only)
$220.80 (Program Package)