Nebula Women's Masters

Nebula is a competitive women's masters team that is focused on playing skilled, spirited ultimate. Our supportive, team-focused environment offers a place for master-aged women to pursue their passion for ultimate while balancing other life demands. We are a proud member of the MGM ultimate community here in Ottawa and across Canada.

During the season, we practice every Thursday night. We will attend two local tournaments (OCUA's MGM tournament and No Borders) as well as the Ontario Championships in Waterloo. One of our primary goals is to qualify and place in the top four at the Canadian Ultimate Championship in Brampton. Our other goal is to bask in the glorious sun with delightful teammates while challenging our minds and bodies to attain higher levels of ultimate awesomeness.

Transition Captains:

  • Amanda Bennett
  • Melany Bouchard
  • Natalie Mullin


Come try out! (2022 TBD) Register here.

The cost is $25 for one tryout or $40 for both tryouts.

  1. Saturday, March 14th, 7:00pm-8:30pm, at uOttawa Lees Dome
  2. Wednesday, March 25th, 8:10pm-9:40pm, at Algonquin College Dome

Want to know more about the glamour of the sky?  Please get in touch!

Twitter @NebulaOttawa
Facebook: Nebula