Return to Play Protocols Updated for Step 3

OCUA's Return to Play Protocols have been modified to reflect the updated guidelines for participation in sport and sports training while in Step 3 of Ontario's Roadmap to Reopen. 


  • Distancing: while in game play and while calling stalls, the distance required moves from 3-metres to 2-metres. 

For the complete Return to Play Protocols click here.

We want to remind everyone that communication is needed during the games and on field, respecting space is mandatory and contact is not allowed. As members of OCUA and as ultimate players, remember "we are guided by the spirit of the game in everything we do".  Keeping plays safe have been a key part on the develop of our plan and coordination of league operations.  Here are some tips to follow before zeroing in on the disc:

  • If the offense/defense has multiple steps on you, it isn't worth the risk of diving into them.
  • It is hard to avoid 11 other people on the field it takes a lot of field awareness, an easy way to work on this is slow down a little, become aware of surroundings and increase our speed as skills come back to where they were pre-pandemic.
  • Adjusting to being in crowds is going to be different for everyone, err on the side of caution and kindness on the sideline and field.

Please remember respectful communication is key on the field between teams during the game. This ensures that games are fun, safe and filled with the healthy competition that we love about ultimate. Please remember to talk, respect others space and be patient.

Take a look at our Return to Play Protocols and how we are keeping everyone safe on the field and if a refresher on some rules is needed visit our rules page