Pick-Up Style Mini League

What is a Pick-Up Style League?
It will be ‘pick-up’ style in that OCUA will set the team rosters each week, but based on who is able to attend that week, on-site shuffling of players may occur to create balance amongst the teams. There will be only two teams and will be played with a non-defined gender ratio. The game format will either be 6v6 or 5v5 SOTF (format will be determined by registration numbers) and may even switch week-to-week again depending on attendance numbers. The purpose of the league is to get out and play!
Start Date Sunday, March 12
End Date Sunday, April 2
Game Times 8:00-9:45pm
Field Location(s)

Ben Franklin Dome

Rules OCUA League Specific Rules
Gender Ratio Non-defined gender ratio
Membership *REMINDER* all players need a current OCUA Annual Membership to register or play in any league. 
Refunds OCUA's Refund Policy is in effect for all Spring Indoor 2023 leagues.

Choose the link, and pay with credit card, etransfer or your OCUA credit.

Type Session Day Weeks Price (+HST) Spots Open  
Individual Entry Spring Indoor Ultimate Sundays 4 $25 6

If you are under 25 or a student, please contact the office to discuss an extended payment option.