Stella Ultimate


Past Captains:

  • Dom Rioux
  • Liza Hogel
  • Cassandra Jaffray

Past Coaches:

  • Mike Lee
  • Tim Ambery

Team Mission:

Compete against the best women's teams in Canada, the US at the regional and national level, and retain recognition as one of the top women’s teams in Canadian ultimate. Stella will focus on player development, a thorough understanding of the game of ultimate, and performance achievements at tournaments. Collaborating with other local women's programs, Stella aims to maintain excellence in the calibre of women’s ultimate in Ottawa.

Performance Objective:

Make every game count, whether a win or a loss, through perfecting game strategies and developing as a unit for better results each time.

To find out more about the elite touring team, STELLA, their tryouts and their season, please contact the team through:

Stella is the sister club to the competitive women's team Luna.