2023 Summer Adult Leagues Announced

The 2023 Summer Adult Leagues lineup is set and we cannot wait to welcome OCUA members back to the Ultimate fields -- check out the league list below. Summer 2023 is set to kick off the week of May 15, and wrap up the week of August 21 with Summer League Playoffs (for team entry leagues) set for August 26 & 27. 

League information pages will be available early next week but below captures the overview of information of the Summer 2023 lineup.

Registration for Adult Summer Leagues will open on Tuesday March 28th at 10pm


  • Mixed 7v7 League (Team entry) 
    Fields: UPI, Lynda Lane, McCarthy Park, Ben Franklin
    Game time: 6:45pm-Sundown
  • Monday Turf League (Team entry)
    Fields: UOttawa-Lees
    Game times: 7:30pm-9pm & 9pm-10:30pm
  • Women's League (Individual entry), 7pm-9pm
    Fields: Carleton-TAAG 
    Game time: 7pm-9pm
  • UOttawa Social League (Individual entry), 6pm-7:30pm
    Fields: UOttawa-Lees
    Game times: 6pm-7:30pm


  • Mixed 7v7 League (Team entry) 
    Fields: UPI, Strandherd
    Game time: 6:45pm-Sundown


  • Mixed 7v7 League (Team entry) 
    Fields: UPI, Potvin 
    Game time: 6:45pm-Sundown
  • Carleton U Social League (Individual entry) 
    Fields: Carleton U-Ravens Field
    Game time: 7pm-9pm


  • Mixed 7v7 League (Team entry)
    Fields: UPI, Lynda Lane, Ben Franklin
    Game time: 6:45pm-Sundown


  • GrandMasters Social League (Individual entry)
    Fields: UPI
    Game time: 6pm-Sundown

OCUA would like to notify members that City of Ottawa city field allocations has changed for 2023 and impacted the number of city fields given for league nights -- as sports clubs and teams continue to return to the fields, allocations have changed to allow for some balance amongst the many sport and recreation groups throughout Ottawa. So what does this mean for OCUA Adult Summer Leagues & OCUA's members? There will be a shift in field distribution with each league night having a great majority of their games scheduled for UPI over city fields. We are fortunate, as the number of user groups increases across the city, to have our very own sports park that guarantees OCUA members a field to play on! OCUA staff will continue to work with the city in an effort to secure additional city fields, and will update the league information pages where applicable. 

A reminder to OCUA membership, for summer and fall mixed divisions, OCUA has implemented WFDF Gender Ratio Rule B