Indoor Ultimate Variation

Welcome to the world of indoor Ultimate! Generally, there is not enough space to play full-sized 7v7 Ultimate indoors. Therefore, Ultimate is usually played on a smaller scale; either 4v4, 5v5, or 6v6. While many variants exist, some leagues prefer to keep it simple and as similar to outdoor Ultimate as possible.

The Indoor Ultimate Variation follows the USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules with the following exceptions:

  • Games are played to time, not score.
  • Games are played by teams of 6, with a gender ratio of 4:2 or 3:3
  • Field size will depend on the indoor facility; typically 60 yards long x 30 yards wide.
  • Each team has one timeout per half.
  • A timeout lasts 60 seconds; a timeout cannot be called in the last 5 minutes of the game
    • If a timeout is called in the last 5 minutes, the marker resumes the stall count with the number last uttered before the call plus three. If this results in a stall count of ten or above, this is a turnover. Before a game begins, the Captains should agree on a time piece if a clock is not easily visible from the playing field.