League Coordinator

Purpose of Position: OCUA provides an infrastructure for ultimate to be played in the NCR. Ultimate is played across the city of Ottawa in a range of leagues on a range of nights. These leagues require a dedicated volunteer to facilitate and coordinate league schedules, monitor the running of the league, and ensuring a quality experience for all players. League coordinators are responsible for ensuring that leagues run smoothly. Coordinators play an integral role in the operation of OCUA leagues. This is the role for any player interested in becoming hands-on with the league in which they play. Players can ensure the continued success and quality of their leagues by getting involved.

Functional Responsibilities/Job Description:

  • Evaluate teams in ratings ladder method to assign to appropriate place in preliminary standings for the purpose of generating evenly matched games
  • For hat leagues, manage assignment and movement of players based on evaluation of skill, registration request, and team performance to ensure fairness league wide.
  • Set league schedules through manual tier format or Leaguerunner interface dependent on the type of league (tier or ladder). League types are determined by season.
  • Make adjustments to field assignments as necessary.
  • Post league schedules in a timely manner so that teams have necessary information well in advance of when they play.
  • Resolve discrepancies in scores entered by captains in Leaguerunner.
  • Respond to captain/player inquiries via email.
  • Contribute to the resolution of rules disputes or simple conflicts between players or captains, and be proactive monitoring spirit reports to avoid future conflicts.
  • Participate in monthly meetings discussing issues and initiatives relevant to league play.

Responsible To: OCUA Staff

Qualifications: Someone interested in ultimate and the success of the leagues in which they play. An interest in being directly involved in how leagues run and ensuring a high quality player experience.

Best Suited Person for Position: Any player; who enjoys ultimate, is a good communicator, is organized, has basic computer skills, and enjoys taking ownership over a project and its operation.

Length of term: Season-by-season basis (commitment is required for the full season of play). Coordinators coordinate league play for Fall (Sept-Oct.), Winter (Nov.-Apr.), Spring (Apr.-May), and Summer (May-August) seasons.

Time Commitment: Variable dependent on the type of league and season of play. Coordinators can expect to spend 1-2 hours weekly as a commitment for scheduling, responding to captain/player emails, etc.

Application: If you are interested in re-applying or becoming a coordinator for the first time, please submit the League Coordinator Application Form.

If you have any questions please contact programofficer@ocua.ca