League Guidelines

Wager Ladder System
OCUA uses a specially designed scheduling system to ensure the greatest parity and best matchups in its summer leagues. Rather than split teams into pools or tiers, the entire league is placed in one division or "ladder". Teams can move up and down the ladder freely as they win or lose games. The scheduler effectively creates a "wager" percentage of how likely it is for one team to beat another. 

This means that the harder the win (ie large underdog), the more points a team will be awarded and vice-versa if they lose.

What is the Wager Ladder?
Initial Seeding
Summer league coordinators create the initial seeding based on last year's standings, requests from captains, experience, and any information provided by new teams. If you feel your team has been mis-seeded, please get in touch with your coordinator
Game Cancellation & Holidays
OCUA will make a daily game call by 3pm on the front page of the website and via Twitter (@ocua). Games will only be cancelled if the risk of field damage is too high. Generally this happens after a lot of rain, humidity, or early in the season.
Generally, OCUA schedules games on Victoria Monday but does not schedule games on Canada Day. The Civic Holiday is an optional game for Adult Leagues, so be sure to get in touch with your coordinator if you wish to opt out. Youth & Junior programs will run on the Civic Holiday.
Number of Games
  • A standard season is 13 to 14 regular season games and 2 playoff games (semis and finals – no quarters).
  • OCUA guarantees 12 games per team, this includes playoff games. If bad weather or field conditions prevent at least a 12 game schedule, games will be rescheduled. OCUA does not guarantee to reschedule games unless a division drops below 12 games.
Standings and Playoffs
  • Ties are allowed in regular season games, but not playoff games.
  • Playoff pools will be based off final standings of the ladder after the last regular season game.
  • Each playoff pool will consist of four teams using the following format:
    • #1 vs. #4 and #2 vs. #3 followed by winners play winners, losers play losers
  • Standings within the ladder shall be determined using the following rules in this order:
    1. Rating Points
    2. Spirit of the Game Score
    3. Wins and Ties from games between tied teams
    4. Point differentials from games between tied teams
    5. Point differentials from all games
    6. Points for
    7. Losses