Mentoring Program

The Player Development Committee is proud to continue offering the Team Mentoring Program for Summer league.

Team Mentoring Program

This program is geared toward new teams or teams that would benefit from the help of an experienced player. The Mentor will assist the team in their first few games of the season and will provide valuable insights on rules, strategies, Spirit of the Game, etc. The mentor is NOT a player; therefore, they will not be playing with the team unless both captains agree otherwise at the start of each game. Captains shouldn’t plan to use their mentor as a sub.

To register your team for a mentor or to sign up for a mentor, email the Volunteer Manager at

The captain of the mentored team will be responsible for:

  • Keeping the Mentor informed of their playing schedule: the Mentor should be added to the team roster as a coach by the captain of the team.
  • Welcoming the Mentor to their team
  • Encouraging all players to listen to the Mentor’s advice
  • Thanking the team’s Mentor for their time!

The Mentor will be responsible for:

  • Attending the agreed upon games – the mentor is welcome to stay with the team as a mentor for the entire season if asked to do so by the captain
  • Helping the captain of the team learn their duties as a captain (set up the field, make the flip, communicate with the captain of the opposing team, resolve conflicts on the field, enter the score, etc.)
  • Helping the players understand the principle of Spirit of the Game
  • Helping resolve rule issues and encouraging players to read the rulebook
  • Helping each player with their technique as much as possible, and teaching the team new strategies to help them improve

OCUA staff will review all mentors and will assign them to a team, which will be based on availability of mentors. OCUA will prioritize new teams and lower tier teams, but all teams are welcome to ask for a mentor.

If you have any questions related to this new program, please contact OCUA at