Dave Brown's Bio

Dave has been part of OCUA since 1991 and hasn’t missed a year of play since. After being introduced to the sport from Stella’s Joanna Quarry (McNutt), he quickly took an interest and appreciation for our great sport.

Because of his background in journalism and design he took over our T.O.U.R. (The Ottawa Ultimate Review) newsletter to help share information on the sport; including tips, drills, tournament info and more. This led to launching both a print magazine (Ultimate Life) and later a digital magazine for the entire country (Ultimate Canada Magazine).

A veteran of (7) Canadian Nationals and a Team Canada Master player or coach at (5) World Championships (England, Sweden, United States, Canada and Germany) he brings commitment and excitement as our Special Events Manager.

Look for Dave as your contact for the upcoming tournaments, league playoffs, volunteering, and much more as we continue to develop the sport in our city. He can be emailed at Dave@ocua.ca.