Return to Play Protocols for Step 2 Released

OCUA is excited to confirm that, with a few small modifications to adhere to the Ontario public health directives set out for Step 2, games are set to begin July 5. 

The rules and league changes that are in effect while we're in Step 2 are laid out in the OCUA Return to Play Protocols. 

Our members' safety is of the utmost importance, we ask that all members do their part in respecting to the Protocols while playing Ultimate.

If you have any questions about the Return to Play Protocols for Step 2, please reach out to OCUA staff.




I was just wondering if someone did a mistake by transcribing 3 m. Instead of 3 feet... because since the beggining of the Pandemic, the common "rule" is stay2m from others, so in play, 3m now that almost everyone is vaccinated makes no sense.. Thank you :) 

3m distance to count stalls makes it very difficult to mark because the rules specify you must be within 10 ft to count stalls. Ten feet is 3.048 m.

For a legal mark, the player must be within 3 m to 3.048 m. How is it possible to judge a 48 mm distance??

Hi there, 

I wanted to check in to see if OCUA had plans on releasing updated guidance/protocols for Step 3? I understand it can take time to hear back from Public Health, but if the league has any interim protocols that would be appreciated. 

I am also not sure if this forum is monitored so am happy to redirect my question elsewhere. 



thank you.