Sunday MGM League

The Sunday afternoons continue this Fall with opportunities for all experienced players to put in or join a team for the MGM Social League. If you've been playing this sport for awhile keep going this fall, and play through September and October. Sign-up today. 

Start Date
End Date
Sunday, September 11th
Sunday, October 30th
Game Starts 11:00am
Field Location Ultimate Parks (UPI)
Rules OCUA League Specific Rules
Return to Play Protocols
Gender Ratio WFDF Ratio Rule B 
Subs allowed
Ages ON2 - 33+years; WN2 - 30+years
Team Jerseys OCUA has an official apparel partner, BE Ultimate, who can hook you up with all of your team jerseys and performance wear needs. Members get 10 to 15% off. Details are here.
Membership *REMINDER* all players need a current OCUA Annual Membership to register or play in any league. 
Refunds OCUA's Refund Policy is in effect for all Fall 2022 leagues.

REGISTER BELOW! Choose the link, and pay with credit card, etransfer or your OCUA credit.

Type Session Day Weeks Price (+HST)  
Team Entry Fall Ultimate Sunday 8 $720

If you are under 25 or a student, please contact the office to discuss an extended payment option.