Summer Leagues 2023

Hey OCUA members! 
The kick-off to the Summer 2023 season is right around the corner, so here are a few updates, reminders, & tidbits: 
  1. We are waiting on the City for confirmation that city fields will open on time (May 15). Without official word from the city we delayed planning a bit, however we are hopeful that word will come in soon. As such, we are moving ahead with things as though they will. 
  2. If city fields DO NOT open (which we have no control over) we will notify all Captains right away and ask that you share with your teammates. If there is a delay we will share what the next steps are at that time. 
  3. Each day, OCUA post the official “game call” by 3pm - posted on the top right corner of 
  4. Schedules are being worked on by league coordinators. For at least the first 4 weeks, games start at 6:45. When/if game start times are changed league coordinators will notify team captains. 
  5. Don’t forget to submit your game reports & spirit scores!  
    And last but certainly not least,
  6. Have an AMAZING summer filled with Ultimate fun!