Contact Rule

In our game yesterday there was talk about a new rule where a handler who is hit by his marker but who does not release the disc can call "contact" as opposed to "foul". The call was made early in our game but neither team was really sure how to treat it (or if it was even a real rule). The player who made the call explained that, as far as he understood it, calling "contact" would require the marker to reset his stall count to 0 without stopping play (as opposed to calling a foul where the stall count is reset but play stops). Again, neither team was 100% certain about this rule but the player who made the call insisted that it was a recent amendment to the 11th edition rules and a couple others mentioned that they'd heard something about it too (though no one, including the player who made the call, was completely certain of how the rule was to be applied). I've browsed through the 11th edition rules via the link on this morning but could not find anything about the above-mentioned rule. Please let me know if the "contact" rule actually exists in the 11th edition and, if so, how we are supposed to apply it.

The "Contact Rule" is NOT in the current 11th Edition Rules, and OCUA has NOT adopted the rule at this time.

Having said that, your interpretation of the "Contact Rule" is correct:

Contact Rule - If contact occurs between the thrower and marker that would constitute a foul under XVI.H.3.a, but the thrower does not release the disc, "contact" may be called. Play does not stop and the marker resumes the stall count at "one." Other than resetting the stall count to "one" after the first instance, the "contact" call is treated as any other marking violation. The marker may contest the "contact" call by calling "violation," which stops play. If the thrower calls "contact" after beginning the throwing motion and subsequently releases the disc, it is treated as if the thrower called "foul."

USA Ultimate and Ultimate Canada will be using this Contact Rule in their major tournaments, but it has not been included in the official rules yet. Should the OCUA League Captains opt to invoke the Captain’s Clause to employ the Contact Rule, it should be applied as stated above.