No Borders 2014 - Looking for Volunteers

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the No Borders Ultimate Tournament (July 26-27). To celebrate its 30th year, OCUA will be providing special attention to one of the longest running tournaments in Ultimate history. It will be a special year with a historical retro theme!  The No Borders Organizing Committee is looking to fill 4 volunteer positions.

Planning is still ongoing and details aren't set in stone. We need your help! If you are interested in volunteering and helping organize what will be a memorable tournament, then please get in touch with the organizing committee by emailing tournaments@ocua.caAll volunteers will be supported by OCUA staff, but expect to commit to meetings and various pre-tournament tasks.


Social Media Wizard

Have multiple Twitter handles? Know when to #hashtag and #when #not #2? Is logging on Facebook a daily routine?

We need a volunteer that will be available on-site for the tournament (July 27-28) and knows how to promote an event via social media. They will also be responsible for live tweets during the tournament.

Commitment Level: Low (1-2 hours/month) until tournament weekend, then high (onsite entire tournament).


Accommodations & Transportation Guru

Do you love analyzing problems and finding solutions? Do you know how to squeeze 12 clowns in a Smart Car?

We are looking for someone that will help manage the tournament's accommodations and transportation logistics. This list can include organizing billets, managing UPI's parking lot, and organizing an effective shuttle service. 

Commitment Level: High (4-8 hours/month) until tournament weekend. Then you get to see your efficient logistical system shine through the weekend as you sip on Palm Bays.


Social Events PPP (Party Planning Person)

Are you always the one among your friends organizing the outings?  Do you know how Ultimate players like to party? Have you personally "won" the party at a tournament?

We are looking for a fun individual to help plan No Borders' social events. The sky is the limit and we want this year's No Borders to be memorable. This person will be in charge of organizing the non-Ultimate events for No Borders.

Commitment Level: Medium (2-4 hours/month) until tournament weekend. Then it's up to you if you want to be onsite ensuring the party is where it's at! This is the perfect role for a player that still wants to play during No Borders.


Chief Executive Officer of Tournament Volunteers

Do Tournament Directors love you? Do tournament volunteers also love you? Are you known to 'run a tight ship' and are proud of it?

We are looking for someone to help manage the 40+ volunteers that help make No Borders what it is. Often during the weekend, Tournament Directors are too busy dealing with issues that it's needed to have someone manage the flow of volunteers.

Commitment Level: Low (1-2 hours/month) until tournament weekend, then high (onsite entire tournament).


All of these positions sound great, but what if you aren't any of these 4 things? Well you're in luck. We still need general volunteers and will take all the help we can get. Simply email us at and we'll get back to you.


- No Borders Team