Old Data Import: Updated

As you probably know, this year we have made the change to Zuluru for managing our registrations, teams, schedules, etc. Hopefully the switchover has been smooth for you. We do have one last thing to change before heading into the summer season, and it may break your bookmarks, so we thought we should let you know about it! Zuluru retains all historical data so that you can look back at past seasons, whether to remind yourself of days of glory or review an old rivalry. We have backups of past Leaguerunner data to load into the system, but because the numbering systems were different, we need to make some room. To do that, we've added 5400 to all current team IDs: team number 2345 becomes team number 7745, for example. Everything team-related in the system has been adjusted to match (your roster and schedule will be unaffected), but we can't fix your bookmarks for you.

Renumbering of leagues (and divisions) has now also been completed. If you had bookmarks to the schedule or standings page for a particular league, you'll need to update those. Otherwise, this change should be pretty much transparent to you. Next up, start backfilling the old data!

To keep third-party software from breaking, we'll have a transition period of a few weeks where iCal links (but only iCal links) will acccept either the old or the new ID, but in June that will be discontinued, so be sure to update HappyTC, Google Calendar, or whatever other software you may have provided the link to before then.

This may also be a good time to point out the "personal iCal" feature of Zuluru. This is a perpetual calendar of all your games from season to season, team to team, so that you only need to add it to Google or your phone once. If you've been adding each team's schedule to your calendar every season, and will need to change all of those links anyway, maybe now is a good time to delete all of those and just add your personal schedule! To enable this feature, turn on the option under My Profile -> Preferences, and then look for the iCal link at the bottom of the My Games page.