CUC 2017 @ UPI

The Board of Directors is excited to announce that Ultimate Canada has selected Ultimate Parks Inc. (UPI) as the principal venue for the 2017 Canadian Ultimate Championships (CUC).

UPI is the world’s premier ultimate-specific playing facility, with 19 fields maintained to the highest standards. We are thrilled that CUC will be held here.

The Board would like to thank Christopher Castonguay, our Executive Director, for his hard work over the last year negotiating the rental agreement, and also thank the local organizing committee, an independent volunteer group, for their effort and dedication in bringing this tournament to Ottawa.

Part of OCUA’s mission is to support the growth and development of the sport of ultimate throughout our city. Marquee tournaments, such as a national championships, help achieve this mission. 2017 will be a time of celebration in our city and country, and we are excited that our sport will be included in this year of festivities.

We look forward to attending, volunteering and competing at the 2017 Canadian Ultimate Championships, along with many of our members.

Brian Kells
Board Chair & President
Ottawa-Carleton Ultimate Association