Open Forum Policy

Ottawa Carleton Ultimate Association (OCUA) Open Forum is a service of the OCUA Web site where members can enjoy helping one another and share views and information about the sport of Ultimate with the Ottawa-Carleton Ultimate Association.

Having the ability to participate in these discussion groups is a privilege of membership in the association.

The discussion groups are currently accessible to the general public. Our sponsors, partners, and contacts in the government may be interested in learning more about the association. OCUA's membership also includes youths and their parents. For these reasons, maintaining the positive nature of the forum service promotes our sport, our players, the association, and the goals of the association in the community.

Debate and criticism are important to our community's well-being and are always welcome. However, all debate and criticism that take place here should be respectful and constructive.

Posts about topics outside of Ultimate and the association may be deleted if they do not contribute to positive community spirit nor respect the primary purpose of the forum service. Users who feel strongly about matters unrelated to the Ultimate community are encouraged to seek more appropriate sites on the Internet for the expression of their views on such subjects.

All users should do their part to ensure that the forum service remains a beneficial experience for members of all ages and reflects well on the association. Using the forum implies that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by this policy.

Posts promoting other Ultimate or multi-sports leagues will be removed. 

Terms of Service

1. Members are responsible for their own posts; messages posted on the forum are solely the opinion and responsibility of the person posting the message. OCUA is not responsible for messages posted by forum users. Any user who feels that a posting is objectionable is encouraged to contact OCUA personnel.

If it proves necessary to remove a message, OCUA will make every effort to do so as soon as possible.

2. Posting any of the following is cause for immediate removal of the post, suspension of the poster's account, or even suspension from the association where deemed appropriate:

  • material (graphic or text) that is obscene, pornographic or otherwise inappropriate for all members including youth and their parents to see
  • material containing profanity, vulgarity, hate speech, or threats of violence
  • abusive or insulting remarks about forum users, OCUA officers, employees, volunteers or players
  • copyrighted items without the permission of the copyright owner
  • the contact information of other persons without their explicit consent
  • advertisements for products or services without the prior consent of the association
  • any material which would amount to instructions concerning illegal activities

3. Other inappropriate postings not listed may also warrant removal and/or suspension from the site. Such cases will be considered individually.

4. The use of false registration information or creating multiple accounts for use on the forum for the purpose of disruption or to avoid detection may result in permanent sanction or suspension of all associated registrations.

5. Members' participation in the forum is at the discretion of the Ottawa Carleton Ultimate Association. Neither the members of the Board, nor the officers, employees and volunteers of the association are obligated to correspond with users who have been denied access or banned from the forum.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to amend this policy at any time without giving prior notice to or requesting consent from forum users. All users are required to comply with the usage policy. Whenever the present document is revised, notice of the change will be posted.

If you have a question about this policy, contact the Executive Director ( or the Board of Directors (