Privacy Policy

The registration information collected here is for the exclusive use of the Ottawa-Carleton Ultimate Association (OCUA), and is required for the administration of the association and it's business. OCUA recognizes the private nature of this information, and is committed to ensuring it's security. It is the standing policy of OCUA that individual members personal information will NEVER be sold or released to any other organization. Demographic information (such as the number of players in the league, the average age of players, geographical distribution of players, etc.) will be used by the league to help guide future endeavors such as (but not limited to) expansion, location of fields, sponsorhip and advertising. Any demographic data released in these or any other situations will be limited to aggregate statistics only, and in no instance will identifying information, phone lists, or mailing lists be released.

The associated member directory on this site is for the express use of OCUA and it's members. Phone and email contact information (henceforth referred to as "contact information") for individual members is available on an individual lookup basis only. Individual members are entitled to block access to this information through their personal settings. For the purposes of efficiently running the league, the following exceptions to this entitlement exist:

  1. Contact information for team captains and assistant captains is visible to other members. This is to allow contact with other teams in the event of scheduling conflicts, etc.
  2. Team captains, assistant captains, coaches, and rules keepers can see the contact information of all the members of their team, for the purposes of administrating and coaching that team.
  3. Members occupying OCUA administrative positions will have their contact information made visible in order to ensure their availability to the membership.

If you have any further concerns regarding this policy, please contact us at