6v6 Quebec City Variation

The 6v6 Quebec City Variation follows the USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules, with the following exceptions:

  • Games are played by teams of 6 on the field with a gender ratio of 4:2 or 3:3
  • Only 2 pulls every game: at the beginning of the game and after halftime. Each team pulls once.
  • After a point is scored, play restarts in that same endzone (i.e., no pull after every point). The team that was scored upon may bring the disc up to the middle of the endzone line and check the disc in play once the defence is ready.
  • A point cannot be scored on the 1st pass after a point has just been scored (i.e. endzone to endzone). If thrown and completed, the player with the disc retains possession and moves it to the front of the endzone.
  • Maximum 30 second delay between points. Play resumes when either:
    • 30 seconds have elapsed, or
    • both teams are ready through a check or
    • [Parity League] statkeepers have given the signal to start play
  • If 25 seconds elapses and the offense has not put the disc in play, then defense warns the offense and counts down from 5, after '1' has been said aloud the defense may begin to count stalls. If 25 seconds have elapsed and the defense is not ready, then the offense warns the defense and begins to count down from 5. After '1' has been said aloud, the offense may put the disc into play.
  • Players may only sub on and off the field between points or from an injury timeout.
  • 3-minute halftime at the scheduled midpoint of the game.
  • Teams switch sides at the half.
  • Teams have 1 timeout per half.
  • A timeout lasts 60 seconds; a timeout cannot be called in the last 5 minutes of the game
    • If a timeout is called in the last 5 minutes, the marker resumes the stall count with the number last uttered before the call plus three. If this results in a stall count of ten or above, this is a turnover. Before a game begins, the Captains should agree on a time piece if a clock is not easily visible from the playing field.