Board of Directors

Purpose of Position: Since its incorporation in 1993 the primary decision making body for the organizaiton is an elected board of directors (BOD). Currently, there are 7 seats on this board. The organization structure of OCUA is responsible for the governance of the Assocation on behalf of the membership at large. The Board is responsible for major policy decisions and endeavors to reflect the interests, views, and opinions, of the membership in these decisions to the best of its ability. The Board does not engage in day-to-day operations, which is the delegated authority of the Executive Director.

Functional Responsibilities/Job Description:
Board members are elected to the board for terms of 1 or 2 years, serving as volunteer Directors. The responsibility of Directors are:

  • Participation in Board meetings to discuss the ongoing issues and initiatives of the Association.
  • To lead or assist with projects and inititatives as decided by the Board for the improvement of the organization. This includes serving on one or more Board Committees (which include Compensation, Finance, Audit, and Nominations).
  • To help determine the future direction of the league and Association, through short and long term planning.
  • To represent the views of members at Board discussions.

Responsible To: The membership at large.

Qualifications: Individuals interested in running for election are required to meet the criteria set out by the Elections committee.

Best Suited Person For Position: Any member interested in in being actively and directly involved in the governance of the organization.

Length of Commitment: Directors are elected to serve for two year terms, with the option to run for re-election.

Time Commitment: Variable, based on the ongoing initiatives of the organization and responsibilities assumed by specific Directors. The duration of a typical Board of Directors meetings is approximately 2.5 hours.

Benefits of volunteering for this position: Members of the Board will enrich their knowledge of corporate governance and have the ability to direclty be involved in shaping major decisions regarding the organization. This is the opportuinty to be a part of shaping what OCUA is and does!

Additional Comments: OCUA, as an organization, is very much dependent on the contributions of volunteers in order to function, and this starts from the top. This is a way for members to give back to their organization, to make a difference, initiate change, and take a leadership role in their organization.

If you are interested in volunteering for a board position or have questions, please email for more information.