2012 Hall of Fame Class

HOF inductees - Class of 2012


Nikki Clarke (nee Brackstone)

Nikki Clarke was a stand out player for Ottawa’s women’s competitive teams from 1993 to 2000. She began playing with OCUA in 1991 and has continued to be a fixture on Ottawa ultimate fields for more than twenty years. Nikki’s competitive career saw two national championships, one of which she was the tournament MVP and two bronze medals at the world championships.

As many a former Ottawa women’s competitive player has done, Nikki has continued to play annually in Ottawa’s No Border’s tournament, most recently with Dame. Dame had such a great showing at No Borders in 2011 that the team qualified for Nations in Ottawa and Nikki was back out there representing Ottawa. She represented Ottawa at the 1997 World Club championships and was the Captain and Coach of Stella in 1997 and 1998.

  • Member of Ottawa Women's Competitive Teams (Horizont’elle and Stella) from 1993-2000
  • National Championship with Horizont'elle in 1993
  • National Championship with Stella in 1998 (MVP)
  • Represented Canada at 1994 (Bronze), 1996 (5th place) & 1998 (Bronze) World Championships



Dave O'Neill

Dave O'Neill is the veritable father of OCUA’s web infrastructure. For many years he has led the development of the Leaguerunner software that manages registration, scheduling, rosters, scores, standings, fields and many other administrative tasks for the league. Without both Leaguerunner and Dave’s effort with the content management system and web server infrastructure, OCUA would not have the tools it needs to manage its membership and would not have been able to handle the impressive growth the league saw in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Not only is Leaguerunner an important tool for OCUA, it has been used by a number of other ultimate leagues in Canada and has spawned at least one rewrite of the software. Leaguerunner and its derivatives are used in Ottawa, London, Sudbury, Waterloo, Toronto and Guelph. Dave has offered countless hours of volunteer time in the development of Leaguerunner, assisting others with the software and with the caretaking of OCUA’s web technology needs.

  • Development of Leaguerunner
  • Development and maintenance of OCUA's website