2013 Hall of Fame Class

HOF inductees - Class of 2013


Andrew Lugsdin

Andrew began his Ultimate career in Ottawa, and was a key member of the Ottawa waX teams who won National titles in 1993 and 1994. Upon moving to the West Coast, Andrew played with Seattle Sockeye, and early version of Furious George, and when he finally settled in Vancouver in 1997, he committed fully to Furious.

Since that time, Andrew has won another 5 Canadian Ultimate Championship titles, 3 UPA titles, 2 World Ultimate and Guts Championship titles, and another World Ultimate Championships title.

He was a dominant lane cutter, often drawing the opposition’s best defender, and could still get open almost at will. His height and speed made him a deep threat, and his handling ability made him a threat with the disc. He was also an elite defender, and fully capable of shutting down the opposition’s most dangerous player. He was a vocal and passionate leader and coach, often willing his team to win when all hope seemed lost. He was the most important player on the best team in Canada (and for a while, the World) for many years.

He currently resides in Vancouver and took on the role of Coach and General Manager of the Vancouver Nighthawks of Major League Ultimate.

  • 7 CUC titles, 1 silver
  • 3 UPA titles, 2 silver, 2 bronze
  • 2 WUGC titles, 4 other top 3 finishes
  • 1 WUC title



Ken Lange

Ken’s impact on OCUA cannot be overstated. As a transplant from Alberta in 1995, it was the move to purchase UPI that really pulled Ken into the OCUA volunteer core. He was an active member of the UPI Land Sales Committee, which lead to joining the Board of Directors from 1998-2006. In that role he spent countless hours at the site monitoring its progress throughout the development process. He also served on the UPI Board of Directors, and was part of the group which crafted the UPI bylaws. To this day, he still conducts minor maintenance tasks and makes improvements to the facility.

Once UPI was complete, Ken took over the role of President during the subsequent years. League growth had continued at unprecedented levels, peaking at over 350 teams, leaving league policies and procedures woefully outdated. During his tenure, the league moved to hire its first employees, and began modernizing the way it conducted business. Passionate, but always a voice of reason, Ken tried to bridge the gaps between opposing views to move the organization forward.

Ken then took a break from OCUA volunteerism to focus more on the national competitive scene. Working with his Western counterpart Mark Moran, the two founded the Ultimate Canada Observer Certification Program, and tied it in with the US system. Ken continues to represent Ottawa well as one of Canada’s most respected Observers.

  • President of OCUA 2000-2003, 2005
  • OCUA Board of Directors 1998-2006
  • UPI Board of Directors 1998-2012
  • Member of the UPI Land Sales Committee
  • CUC Masters Champion - 2006 – BDU (MVP), 2008 – GLUM
  • CUPA Board of Directors 2007
  • Co-Tournament Director, CUC2011
  • Co-Founder, Ultimate Canada Observer Certification Program
  • Ultimate Canada Observer - 2003-Present, Observer Trainer 2009-Present