2014 Hall of Fame Class

HOF inductees - Class of 2014


Paul Morrison

Paul started playing in 1991 with a group of young upstarts on a league team called OTIS (Other Team In Shop), but soon started playing at the Club level with teams such as Sphinx waX, Mufferaw Joe, Voodoo Love Dolls, waX, Bad Daddy Ultimate (BDU) and Glum, just to name a few.

He spent a year coaching the Ottawa Junior team, OJ, players from which have gone on to win Nationals Championships, and have gone on to represent Canada at the World level.

Paul won a Canadian Open Championship with waX in 1998, and since moving to the Masters division, has gone on to win at least 5 National Championships, and has represented Canada at the World Ultimate Championships, winning a silver medal in Turku, Finland in 2004.

Be it playing with his league teams, subbing on any given night in league, or just playing pick-up, Paul plays as much as anybody in Ottawa ever has.

Over the course of his career, Paul became the player that you loved to hate, while simultaneously also being a player you hated to love. If you were on the receiving end of his razor-sharp wit, it would sting, but you’d have to admit it was pretty funny. And as much as he’s remembered for many of the things he’s said, he should also be given credit for the things he didn’t say.

Erin Huck

Erin has been a key leader in building Ottawa ultimate, Eastern Canada ultimate, and Canadian Ultimate.  She lead Stella and Fuse for many years. As a member of Team Canada on multiple occasions, she was highly valued as a key player and also as a leader and strategic advisor. Her leadership, teaching, and the high standards she set for herself have been instrumental in making Ottawa and Canadian women's ultimate very strong. Erin was a very talented player, spirited competitor and a dedicated leader. 
  • 1990-1994,1998 Winnipeg-based play
  • 1998-2007 Ottawa-based play
  • 2001 - 2002 co-captain Stella, Ottawa women
  • 2003 co-captain Fuse, an eastern women’s all-star team with an Ottawa core
  • 2002 Canadian Nationals MVP (women's division)
  • 2001-2003 co-captain, Canadian eastern regional women, UPA series (Fuse, Capitals)
  • 1997 World Clubs (Vancouver, Winnipeg women)
  • 2002 World Clubs (Hawaii, Ottawa women)
  • 2000 Canadian National Team, World championships (Germany, Coed, Silver)
  • 2004 Canadian National Team, World championships (Finland, Women's, Gold)
  • 2005 Canadian National Team, World games (Germany, Coed, Bronze)

Special Merit

No Borders Tournament

2014 marked the 30th Anniversary of No Borders, which was born as “The First Canadian Ultimate Frisbee Invitational,” and subtitled “No Borders Ultimate.” Founded in 1985 by OCUA Hall-of Famers Marcus Brady and Brian Guthrie, six US teams, an Ottawa team, and a North Bay team played in the inaugural tournament, held at the RA Centre on Riverside Drive.

From 1987-2006, No Borders was nurtured and grown by fellow OCUA Hall of Fame inductee Keith Whyte, where it became a “must-attend” tournament, attracting many of the best players and teams from places such as New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia, to name but a few. No Borders’ popularity stemmed from the quality of its teams, its tradition of using toys as field markers, and especially its Saturday night parties, to which the Ottawa Police were no strangers.

From its inception, No Borders was an Open/Women’s tournament, but in 2012 It added Mixed to its list of divisions.

As a tribute to the hundreds of teams, the thousands of players, and the dozens of police reports filed, No Borders takes its rightful place in the OCUA Hall of Fame.