Sunday Social MGM Summer League

Masters-Grand-Masters League 

 What could be better than playing Ultimate at UPI on a Sunday each weekend? In addition to your league night game, come out, bring your lawn chair and refreshments and relax after a game in the sun.
 Your family can play a round of disc golf while you're playing Ultimate, or just hang out playing catch. Sign-up individually or register with friends. If you're of master or grandmaster's age (age 30> womxn, age 34> men), then this league is for you!
Membership *REMINDER* all players need a current OCUA Annual Membership to register or play in any league. 
Start Date
End Date
Sunday, July 11th
Sunday, August 29th
Sessions Ultimate Summer: July 11 to Aug 29
Game Times 11:00am-12:30pm


Ultimate Park (UPI)
Gender Ratio 6v6 (4o:2w) or 7v7 (4o:3w)
Maximum Roster Size A max roster of 14 is allowed (subs are permitted).
Team Matching OCUA will try to match you with teams of a similar skill-level in your division. 
Team Jerseys OCUA has an official apparel partner, BE Ultimate, who can hook you up with all of your team jerseys and performance wear needs. Members get 10 to 15% off. Details are here.

REGISTER BELOW! Choose the link, and pay with credit card, etransfer or your OCUA credit.

Type Session Day Spots  Weeks Price
Individual Hat Entry
(choose up to
Ultimate Summer
(July & August)
Sunday 30o / 20w 8 $80




If you are under 25 or a student, please contact the office to discuss an extended payment option.

Refund Policy

Read OCUA's refund policy here.