Thursday SuperLadder 2019-2020

This super popular league is now bigger and better, and now designed to have a similar setup to Summer League! The wager-ladder scheduling system will ensure your team will play a team of similar skill and you will move up and down the ladder depending on whether you win or lose. This system helps prevent blowouts and ensures teams see a variety of opponents. Teams can also enter their field preference to maximize games in your neighbourhood.

2019 summer captains who are registering a winter team, will now receive a $100 credit (along with the secondary captain of another gender!) Credits will be added to their accounts in December 2019.

5v5 sub-on-the-fly is a popular indoor variant - it's great exercise, players get to touch the disc more often, and the game is fast-paced. Players can tag in or out in their substitution zone while the game is in progress. Once a team scores, the other team puts the disc back in to play immediately - the play never stops! Full rules are available here.

  • This league will not run on the following dates: December 26th

    Session 1: November 7th, 2019 - January 30th, 2020
    Session 2: February 6th, 2020 - April 23rd, 2020

  • Skill Level: Open
  • Rules: 5v5 sub-on-the-fly variant, see other special indoor rules here
  • Time: Games are scheduled between 6:00pm and 11:10pm
  • Game Length: 60 minutes
  • Bye: Teams may be scheduled a bye for November 7. Those teams will receive a double-header during the season.
  • Format: One big ladder, 8 weeks of ladder play + 4 weeks of playoffs
  • Prizes: The 1st placed team of each THREE division champ will win jerseys and the most spirited team will win a spirit prize!
  • Location: Games will be at SuperdomeBen Franklin Dome and Algonquin College Dome, teams can enter their field preference similar to summer leagues.
  • Reshuffle & Trades: Hat teams will be reshuffled between sessions. At the coordinator's discretion, individual entry players may be traded to maintain parity.
  • Pairing: 1 pairing request allowed


Session Day Spots Left Weeks Price (+HST)  
2 Thursday Sold Out 12 $2,000 Sign Up for the Waitlist

 A 50% deposit can be used to reserve your team's spot. The deposit follows the same refund policy and the outstanding balance must be paid 2 weeks prior to the start of the league.


Session Day Spots Left* Weeks Price (+HST)  
2 Thursday Sold Out 12 $170 Sign Up for the Waitlist

*Updated January 8th
Questions? Contact us here.

Refund Policy

Cash refunds will be available to those that request the refund 2 weeks prior to the start date of the league ($25 admin fee applies for individual entry / $50 for team or half-team entry). From this deadline until the half way point of the session, prorated league credit refunds will be provided once a replacement player from the waitlist has paid for the spot. No refunds will be provided during the second half of any session.