2014 Game Disc Logo Contest


Back again in 2014 is the Game Disc Logo Contest! How would you like to see your artwork printed on over 400 discs that will be thrown, caught and hammered more than 100 000 times this summer?
The artist behind the winning logo will receive a league credit coupon of $150, applicable on a summer registration of your choice!

OCUA will give one free disc to each team captain in order to thank them for all that they do for their teams. We all know captains don't get thanked enough! Discs with the same logo will be available for sale. 

To be eligible, artwork must follow these criteria:

  • Artwork must represent the joy of playing Ultimate with OCUA;
  • It must include: "Summer 2014", "www.ocua.ca", "Game Disc", and OCUA logo (there is no mandatory size on those items, as long as we can see them on the logo);
  • Artwork must be BLACK OR WHITE ONLY, a .jpg file at maximum quality;
  • Make sure your artwork has a maximum diameter of 6 3/4" (17.1 cm);
  • Make sure your lines are no thinner than 1/32" (1 mm);
  • Keep a minimum of 1/32" (1 mm) between any two parts;
  • Avoid using the center of the disc, with too many prints it creates a lot of missprints in the process;
  • Avoid large solid areas. Keep solid areas to a maximum of 1/2" (13 mm);
  • No shading, gradient or drop shadows allowed. The disc printing process cannot reproduce it. If you want to create shading or texture effects, you must use different concentrations of dots, small marks and lines.

The winning logo will be determined by the summer league coordinators, based on a voting process.

Final winner will be announced on Facebook early March and captains will receive their free 2014 original game disc at the April Captains Meeting.